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    "Everything" That one word defines Captain Joyce Downer's role as an officer in The Salvation Army.

    Are You OK?

    Salvation Army officers’ kids invited to participate in research study.

    If you are an adult child between the ages of 18 and 35 of Salvation Army officers in the Canada and Bermuda Territory, you are invited to participate in a research study entitled Equipping Officers’ Kids (OKs) to be Carriers of the Covenant.
    In episode three, Craig Lewis, territorial secretary for music and gospel arts, offers a perspective on worship during the COVID-19 pandemic. He touches on the decline of singing in worship, and offers strategies on how we can increase worship effectiveness. To read the article mentioned in the episode, click here. Visit the territorial music

    A Week With Major Ann

    My seven days assisting in a Salvation Army long-term care facility during COVID-19 changed my life.

    Faith & Friends
    Salvation Army Major Jim Mercer spent a week at a Salvation Army long-term care facility, and the experience changed his life and deepened his faith.

    Government of Canada Donates $11.25 Million to The Salvation Army

    More Canadians to receive safe, nutritious and culturally diverse food.

    Territorial News
    The Salvation Army is grateful to the Government of Canada for the $11.25 million it provided to The Salvation Army for food security during the COVID-19 pandemic. The graphic above illustrates how it has been distributed to date. We also acknowledge and appreciate our many Salvation Army staff and volunteers who have worked hard to ensure

    Mission in a Pandemic Podcast with Claire Dunmore, Territorial Integrated Mission Secretary

    How do we keep connected with people during COVID-19?

    Welcome to season two of the Salvationist podcast. This new set of episodes will offer insight into how The Salvation Army is adapting as we reopen during the pandemic. In the coming weeks, we have corps officers, youth secretaries, our territorial music secretary and our chief risk officer all talking about how they have pivoted and continued

    Mobilize 2.0 Update

    A program update on the new territorial transformation project.

    Territorial News
    The Salvation Army in Canada and Bermuda has launched Mobilize 2.0, a transformation project that will include the creation of a vision for our movement so that we know where we are heading, and the development of a strategy that will help us get there.

    A Lesson in Faith

    Five ways to manage anxiety and focus on the things that matter with kids back in school.

    Web Exclusive
    Kids are now back in school, whether in person, online, at home or a mix. For some, that’s exciting. For others, it’s stressful. For us, we are somewhere in the middle of those two realities.

    Wonderfully Made

    Reflections from Salvationists on God’s one human race.

    Salvationist reached out to racialized people across the territory to hear their insights and lived experiences with the goal of helping The Salvation Army become more sensitive and inclusive.

    Darkness to Hope

    What General Booth's In Darkest England, and the Way Out teaches us 130 years later.

    Opinion & Critical Thought
    One hundred and thirty years later many of the core issues addressed in General William Booth's The Darkest England scheme remain at the heart of our social reality in Canada—poverty, addiction, social injustice, human trafficking and homelessness, to name just a few.