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    The Elevator Story

    A tool for congregations. February 16, 2017 by Corps Ministries
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    In thirty seconds or less, tell me why I should consider attending your church,
    instead of the other churches in your town/city.
    There are times when we try to invite someone to our church but talk too long and often about the things that don’t really matter.­ That’s why maybe we should teach our congregation how to focus and say the things that are important.
    This is sometime referred to as an “Elevator Pitch”.­ The simple definition is as follows;
    ­ “ An elevator pitch is a brief yet concise speech given by one person to another person(s) in order to explain a product or service that they either represent and/or sell.­ The purpose of an elevator pitch is to quickly inspire the listener to consider purchasing and/or using that particular product or service.­
    The Process of Figuring Out Why We Exist and Steps for Creating a “Spiritual” Elevator Pitch
    Here are 7 things you would need to define and/or answer in order to create an effective elevator pitch for your church.
    • For what purpose does our church exist?
    • What do we hope to accomplish each and every time we meet as a congregation?
    • What are some of the “key” ministries that we offer/provide?
    • What are some of the “key” ministries that we offer/provide BUT are not offered or provided by the other churches in our community?
    • What are the demographics of the people that attend our church?(Are we a church composed primarily of elderly saints, young families, college-aged young adults, or do we have a diverse mixture of worshipers?)
    • What type of person is our church hoping to attract each and every Sunday?
    • Does our church exist to be primarily discipleship-oriented (ministering to saved Christians) or are we more of an evangelistic, outreach-oriented church?
    Okay, okay.­ I know what you’re thinking.­ You’re thinking (“Perish the thought!”) that an elevator pitch sounds a bit commercial, “worldly” even, and you’d never even consider such a thing at your church!­ I suppose that is understandable.
    But let me ask you this, if I asked you to tell me why I would want to consider attending your church versus the “popular” one just around the corner, would you have any idea what to say to me?­ More importantly, do you think the average person sitting in your pews would be able to articulate an appropriate answer to me?
    Probably not.­­ And that’s just the problem.
    Maybe your church should consider developing an elevator pitch? If nothing else, it would spark wonderful conversation amongst the members of your congregation.
    And just imagine how valuable a tool it could become with regards to pointing your congregation down the path you’re hoping to lead them!
    Excerpts taken from (By Charles Specht).­ This article was included in the Annual Review documents as a suggestion to every Corps.