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Community Family Services

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OCE C&FS Regional Workshop   Basic Case Management in Community & Family Services Frank Chu, June 2017
OCE C&FS Regional Workshop    A Food Bank to Food Share Experience Naomi Praam June 2017
OCE C&FS Regional Workshop    Developing a Culture of Collaborating and Networking Peter Thomas June 2017
OCE C&FS Regional Workshop    Values and Beliefs Check List - Handout for Basic Case Management Frank Chu June 2017
CFS WEBINAR #1   Immigrant & Refugee Services Paula Marshall
September 2017
CFS WEBINAR #2   Boundaries - Presentation 

Boundaries Webinar Video
Major Catherine Skillin  
CFS WEBINAR #3   Telling Our Story (pptx)

Media Release FormMedia Release Form - Children

Media Release Form - GroupSA ID Standards
John McAlister
November 2017
CFS WEBINAR #4   From Charity to Justice Jessica McKeachie

January 2018
CFS WEBINAR #5   Hunger Count with Food Banks Canada
English: Hunger Count 2018Hunger Count Information
French: Sondage Bilan Faim,  Sondage Bilan Faim (pdf)

Affiliated Agencies Worksheet
Hunger Count Worksheet
Diana Stapleton February 2018
CFS WEBINAR #6   Human Trafficking Presentation Larissa Maxwell March 29
CFS Learning Cohort
Session 1
  Developing Community - Deepening Community (pptx)

Resources for Community Work (Handout)

Buetta Warkentin February 2018
 Session 2   Community Development - Developing Community  -  Buetta Warkentin

Community Development Session 2
Session 3   Introduction To Four Foundations, Lt. Col. D. Bowles

Introduction to Four Foundations - Powerpoint

West Cohort 
 East Video