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    Stats Canada Finding

    Opportunity for meeting needs in the community. June 12, 2017 by Peter Thomas
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    Statistics Canada released another set of reports from the 2016 Census. This particular study shows that in 2016, 340,000 young Canadians aged 25 to 34 had not completed high school. It went on to show that young men were more likely to not have a high school diploma than women and that Aboriginal young people were also more likely not to have completed high school.

    A key factor in young people stated for not completing high school was having a disability, the most common disability was a mental or psychological condition.

    Questions to Think About
    Is your Ministry Unit seeing evidence of this finding?
    How many young people have you assisted in CFS that may not have completed high school?
    What can your MU do to provide long-term assistance?

    Reports similar to this can assist you in identifying possible ministry opportunities, as well as key agencies within your community to connect with around this issue.

    Take a moment to read through this report and reflect on our opportunities to reach these young people.

    For further information, subscribe to Statistics Canada for their email notifications and The Daily reports.