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    Welcoming Newcomer Families

    Community Family Services November 8, 2017 by Corps Ministries
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    Tips for Set-up
    • Try to avoid too much noise or confusing directions at the entrance. Have someone near the door to welcome and guide to appropriate place to wait. If you have a volunteer who speaks other languages,this is a good place to have them stationed.
    • Some people will like being around lots of people and want to socialize. Others may be overwhelmed byall the noise. Have a quiet area for those who need to get away from the noise
    • Think through the whole process to ensure it is clear and easy to navigate from one place to the next.

    • Use simple English
    • Speak slowly and clearly. You do not need to raise your voice to be understood.
    • Check for comprehension by asking them to repeat back instructions
    • Keep to one topic at a time. Don’t switch subjects too quickly. Ensure they understand at each step.
    • Have Google Translate app available when you get stuck
    • Use as little paperwork as possible. Keep all written English simple and clear. If possible have documents translated (online translation tools or apps are not perfect but will help)
    • Be patient and keep calm. English is not their first language and it can be exhausting trying to be understood.
    • If there is a challenge in communicating, it’s your job to find a way through the barrier, not theirs.
    • Learn how to say “Hello” in their language.
    • Smile and be warm and friendly. Non-verbal communication is important. Present yourself as a friendly person wanting to help them.

    Resources for sharing the Christmas Story:
    Download this page to share:  Welcoming Newcomer Families at Christmas