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If you have regular visitors attending Sunday worship or other corps events, consider having a suppply of welcome packages available to give out at any time. 

Here are 10 ideas of what to include:

  1. Letter of Greeting from the Officer with an invitation to return the following week.
  2. A summary of the new Mobilize Strategic Priorities (url - salvationist)
  3. Information about your website or social media, where visitors might see short videos of your service or other important aspects of your ministry.
  4. General information brochure on the activities that take place, including a brief history of The Salvation Army and a copy of your local Mission & Vision statement. (sample)
  5. A copy of your most recent calendar of events and/or Sunday bulletin.
  6. Contact information for pastoral care or material assistance, and information about assistance offered.
  7. Information on the membership process of your church.
  8. A brochure that explains the gospel simply and clearly and points visitors to a page on your website that shares more information.
  9. A copy of a monthly devotional tool (Daily Bread)
  10. A list of current volunteer opportunities.  This is often a first contact for new members.


Other great things you could include:

Some other creative ideas include: a concert/special event coupon, invitation to the next special event or children's event, something useful with TSA branding, something sweet (you can never go wrong with chocolate).

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