Home Missions Focus Fund

in English & French 

WHAT:­ Home Missions Focus Funds are collected and disbursed by DHQ on selected ministry projects.­ This LOVE OFFERING supports local mission needs allowing ministries to begin, enhance or maintain relevant community ministries.

HOW:­ Every ministry unit is encouraged to contribute to this fund raiser. This is not a community fund raiser nor a fund raiser for missionary efforts.­ The Home Missions Focus Funds will be given to ministry units in your division to help them develop ministry and mission!

WHEN:  Offerings are taken generally on a specified Sunday in October.

RESOURCES:  There are several resources available in English and French, including graphics for the bulletin, graphics for social media and email blasts, a multi-use logo, powerpoint slide sets in regular and wide, bulletin cover and bulletin inserts.

WHO:  If your ministry unit has a specific ministry need, speak to your AC about receiving funds for a project.