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Reuniting Families at Golden West Centennial Lodge

Window visitation program helps combat loneliness during a time of physical distancing.

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Restricted by COVID-19 physical distancing guidelines, The Salvation Army’s Golden West Centennial Lodge in Winnipeg is running a visitation program whimsically titled “Through the Looking Glass,” where residents can meet with their loved ones through a window.

Residents make their way to a window on the main floor of the building, and phone their families who are sitting outside in a designated space decorated with pictures, plants, tables and chairs.

“Watching the residents’ eyes light up when they see their loved one through the window is heartening,” says Major Brenda Coles, spiritual health coordinator at the facility. Being able to see one another through the window reduces anxiety for both residents and their families, she notes.

For those who cannot have an “in-person” visit, two tablets are available for residents to FaceTime their families.

So far, there have been more than 30 window visits and 45 FaceTime visits.

“I love seeing the relief on the faces of families when they see their loved ones, realizing that they are indeed doing well and are being well cared for,” says Sharon Wright, an administrative assistant who coordinates the visits at the Lodge.

(Above) A resident enjoys a window visit at Golden West Centennial Lodge in Winnipeg 

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