Creator, Help Us Walk Gently

A prayer for Indigenous History Month.


I hope you sense my invitation to lean into this journey of reconciliation, opening our hearts to new experiences, a new language and, at times, uncomfortable honesty. 

Acting on Accessibility

New accessibility committee at Winnipeg’s Heritage Park Temple helps meet unique human needs.


A new accessibility committee at Heritage Park Temple in Winnipeg helps create a welcoming environment for all people.

A Sense of Belonging

Mary Milne never wanted to set foot in a church again, but then she discovered The Salvation Army.


I feel that God has called me within the Army to be an officer. I don’t know any better way to put it.

Salvation Army Media Wins 22 Awards

Canadian Christian Communicators Association recognizes Army publications and digital media.


On May 26, The Salvation Army’s territorial magazines, website and digital media won 22 awards from the Canadian Christian Communicators Association.

"This June on". There are three article images.

The Breath of Life

Prayer is at the heart of the INSPIRE Conference and Congress.

Opinion & Critical Thought

Salvationists from across the Canada and Bermuda Territory and beyond will soon converge on Toronto for the 2023 INSPIRE Conference and Congress. It will be an opportunity to gather in God’s presence for a time of rejoicing and worship, as one Army, with one mission and one message.