Sunday Meeting May 10 - Salvation Army Canada

Sunday May 10th Order of Service, 9am

Prelude "Come, Now is the Time to Worship" Music & Gospel Arts

Partners in Mission Video

Welcome Colonel Shelley Hill

Congregational Song "Open the Eyes of My Heart Lord" Music & Gospel Arts

Responsive Reading Responsive Prayer of the People: Mother’s Day, Majors David and Beth Pearo

Scripture Reading Genesis 16:1-4, 6b-9 NIV, Major David Pearo

Musical Selection "I Lift my Eyes" Music & Gospel Arts

Devotional Major Beth Pearo

Song "Be Still for the Presence" Music & Gospel Arts

Prayer "The Din Undoes Us, by Walter Brueggemann" Major David Pearo

Congregational Song "For the Joys and for the Sorrows" Music & Gospel Arts

Benediction Colonel Edward Hill


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