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Disciple-making ministries make contact with those who do not yet know Jesus in a personal way. They provide opportunities to build relationships between those in our churches with those who are not yet a part of the community of faith. They incorporate opportunities to proclaim, hear and respond to the gospel into their ministry strategy.

Please see below resources to help your ministry with Outreach & Evangelism opportunities.



Alpha is a resource churches use to create a space and a culture where people are excited to bring their friends for a conversation about Jesus. Alpha can be run almost anywhere – from a church basement to a restaurant or online, and has lasting impact on guests and church communities.


Alpha - Online

Running Alpha online

During moments of uncertainty and physical distancing, finding creative ways to continue to meet together is more vital than ever. We have an opportunity like never before to share the gospel with our nation.


Alpha - Small Groups

Churches are equipping their leaders to run Alpha in small groups for their friends. This strategy is helping create new and multiplying small groups, and making disciples who make disciples.


Alpha - Youth

Alpha Youth creates a space for young people to hold meaningful conversations about life, faith and purpose. Tools to run the 9-week Alpha series in-person or online are available now.


Alpha - Events

Upcoming training events, both online and in person, from Alpha


Alpha - Coaching

Whether you have questions like, “Why would I run Alpha?”, “How do I mobilize an Alpha team?” or “How do I best run an Alpha Weekend?”, we would love to connect with you and provide you with insights and best practices to run an incredible and impactful Alpha!


Territorial Alpha Champions

John and Margaret Tillsley are Lifelong members of The Salvation Army. They presently attend and serve at Northridge Community Church in Aurora, Ontario where they have been with their family since 1997. In the late 1990s under the leadership of Majors Brian and Glenda Bishop, John and Margaret were involved in facilitating the first Alpha course at Newmarket Corps. Since 2017 facilitating Alpha Courses has become the passion of John and Margaret’s ministry at Northridge Community Church. To date, they've run approximately fifteen (15) courses, which include in-person, online and hybrid models.

If you are new to Alpha or have questions, please contact our Territorial Alpha Champions, John and Margaret Tillsley.

Contact John and Margaret

Love New Canadians

Free (Cost covered by THQ Corps Mission Department)

Love New Canadians is a ministry that equips local churches to serve new Canadians in their neighbourhoods and to be intentionally welcoming for immigrants, refugees and international students.  The Salvation Army has entered into a partnership with LNC and we now have access to all of their curriculum and to unlimited coaching and mentoring from these successful practitioners.”


Love New Canadians - Curriculum 

Discover the various ESL curriculums that are available from Love New Canadians.  Suitable curriculum is identified for each of the 3 stages of the Spiritual Pathways for effective intercultural ministries.

Love New Canadians Curriculum List - CLICK HERE

Love New Canadians Pathway - CLICK HERE

Right Now Media

Gospel in Life (Timothy Keller)

Join author and pastor Timothy Keller in this eight-week small group Bible study (guide sold separately), to explore how the gospel can change your heart, community, and how you live the Gospel out in everyday life.


H20 (Kyle Idleman)

H2O is a seven-week experience designed to create a safe atmosphere where people are comfortable considering the person of Jesus Christ. This creative newly re-released tool meets an ancient need: sharing the truth of Jesus Christ through relationships and community. H2O transforms lives by feeding the mind, moving the heart, and stimulating the senses.

Endorsement: H2O is a really great video series which is available on Right Now Media. It is a really non-in-your-face approach to Christianity, and it is very powerful. We have led a Bible study with it a couple of times. Reccomended by Dave & Kim Maandag, Cowichan Valley


The Reason for God by TIMOTHY KELLER

This six-session small group Bible study captures live and unscripted conversations between Tim Keller and a group of people to address their doubts and objections to Christianity.


LIFE SHARED (Jon Tyson, Danielle Strickland, & Jay Pathak)

Life Shared Small Group Series brought to you by Alpha is a three-week small group series to encourage and equip everyone in the church to share their faith. Through Biblical teaching from leading Christian voices and real stories of invitation, each session explores what it means to live out God's call to share our lives and faith with friends, colleagues, and neighbors. Each week is a 15-minute video with built-in discussion breaks, a discussion guide for participants, and leader guide for the small group host.