Together in Mission - Salvation Army Canada

You can still participate in Together in Mission by accessing the online materials.

As you engage the Together in Mission interview videos and read Commissioner Needham’s book Christ at the Door we hope you will be challenged and encouraged into mission. The recorded interviews can be found on Together in Mission YouTube Playlist (below). Feel free to stream, download and share this content. For the time being, the online ISSUU version of Christ at the Door is also available below and the weekly discussion questions in PDF format.

We would encourage you to share the resources listed above with your corps officers, friends, and family. You could even start a Together in Mission small group at your corps/church!

Your engagement will help shape the future of The Salvation Army.


12 recorded sessions of Together in Mission are available on our Salvationist YouTube channel, video available below.

Read the book below

Mobilize 2.0 Inspired for Mission, Positioned for Growth


PART 1: The Journey

Hosts: Cameron Eggie and Captain Kristen Dockeray

WEEK 1 Sept 30
Begin with "Jesus is Lord"
with Commissioner Phil Needham

WEEK 2 Oct 7
Pursue Holiness Full Measure
with Major Amy Reardon / Major David Ivany / Jonathan Evans

WEEK 3 Oct 14
Be Disciples
with Danielle Strickland

WEEK 4 Oct 21
Be Willing to Change
with Captain Brent Haas / Lieutenant Erin Metcalf / Captain Juan Chirinos

PART 2: The Community

Hosts: Major Beth Pearo and Ricky Piedrahita

WEEK 5 Oct 28
Get Our Stories Straight
with Colonel Edward Hill

WEEK 6 Nov 4
Decide Who We Are
with Jeff Robertson / Lieutenant Jennifer Henson / Sipili Molia

WEEK 7 Nov 11
Re-imagine Your Corps as a Movement
with Captain (Dr.) John Clifton

WEEK 8 Nov 18
Reunite Worship and Mission
with Laura Rowsell / Steve Brown / Simon Gough

PART 3: The Mission

Hosts: Captain Sheldon Bungay and Erica Azak

WEEK 9 Nov 25
Make Disciples
with Colonels Wendy and Ian Swan

WEEK 10 Dec 2
Find Our Mission
with Lieutenant Johnny Valencia / Major Shari Russell / Captain Justin Gleadall

WEEK 11 Dec 9
Live Missionally
with Captain Lisa Barnes

WEEK 12 Dec 16
Grow Like a Movement
with Commissioners Floyd and Tracey Tidd