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What does the HR restructuring mean for HR employees?

  • More support from HR centres of expertise. Commitment to develop our expertise/competencies as effective HR professionals and partners in mission.
  • “One Team” alignment – reduce duplication and leverage (lift and shift) best practices.
  • Direct Reports of HRLT – HRLT will work through key priorities and clarify next level job alignments (additional roles/jobs may be created/jobs may change)
  • The change implementation process will be managed ensuring fair process.
  • Redesign of some jobs/roles, creation of some new roles, and new reporting relationships will happen over the next couple of months – and many jobs will not change.

Will there be job losses?

The intent of this change in HR is to build our capabili.es and be more efficient and consistent in our practices. It is not a cost-cutting exercise. As we identify the capabili.es we need to build, and to make process improvements, some roles may change, and new roles may be identified. We seek to understand all inputs in this process – organizational needs, individual interests and HR capabili.es. You have a voice in this. We acknowledge this may adversely impact a few people, a reality in organizational change that HR professionals are aware of. There will also be some new opportuni.es for growth and development.

How will decisions be made that impact jobs?

Final organization structure and job design decisions will be made by the HR Leadership Team, carefully considering all inputs and impacts. We are committed to fair process: engagement, explanation, and expectation clarity. We will lead this change process from a values-based perspective, treating all with dignity and respect.

How long will the change process take?

All communications to HR employees around this ini.al change, including one-on-one discussions, will be completed by early February 2021. Given the complexity and scope of the project, along with the importance of working in coordination with Mobilize 2.0, HR will always adapt in response to our continual focus on fulfilling our territorial mission.

What information will be communicated to the people HR serves and supports and when?

Right now, during the important Christmas season, with the ongoing pressures from the COVID pandemic, please continue to work as you have. The HR change process will continue into 2021 and any necessary communications to those we serve and support will be done in due course. We are committed to ongoing communication and encourage you to ask questions and provide feedback throughout this change.

How will this change affect our reporting structure?

The Town Hall PPT slides provide information about our strategic approach. This change will be an interactive and iterative process. Please feel free to reach out to your manager to ask questions and express your interests. Be curious and share your insights to help support and engage in this change process. Ultimately, we all own it!

How will this immediately affect work day-to-day?

Please continue to support your clients as you have been. We’ll be working together on how the changes will take shape locally over the coming months. Be assured that we will both look to you for input and you will receive additional communications as the details develop to help you understand how the changes will fit with your day-to- day work.

How will provincial and/or regional differences be accommodated?

Understanding and working with provincial and/or regional differences will be an important part of the process, including different legislation, union agreements and other local variations.

How will diversity be supported during the process?

Being inclusive, seeking input and actively listening are key priori.es. Please be prepared to share and respond to requests for input. For example, we may continue to use surveys to help gather insights. You should also feel free to share your thoughts with your manager and/or HRLT.

How will different learning curves be accommodated?

We agree that it’s important to recognize and support different learning styles. Let’s work together to help and support each other. Share your thoughts and ideas to inspire others. Engage colleagues who seem hesitant and help them to understand and ask for clarity. Let us know what fosters the best learning journey for you and your team.

The HR Change puts all HR team members in the spotlight – any advice on how to handle that!?

As people who understand people, this is our opportunity to be role models of what open, transparent, thoughtful change looks like by listening to others while being supported yourself. Share your thoughts, ideas and insights. Ask questions. This is a change initiative of substantial scope that will help set the foundation for HR to be enabled and equipped to lead and support dynamic change through the next decade and beyond. This is an extraordinary opportunity for growth and development – empower yourself to make the most of it while helping others along the way. As One Team we will be better together; there is power in our collective community!

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Email HRLT@salvationarmy.ca or reach out to your HR Manager. We value your input, ideas, and questions.