The Grand Adventure

The Salvation Army has brought Regan Lipsett closer to God.


For Regan Lipsett, his faith journey can be summed up in one word. "It always came back to love.”

Music Lessons

From Cambodia to the streets of Toronto, classical guitarist Jahred Warkentin has a passion for people.


I believe God gave us music as a tool of worship, but also as a tool to help us understand our world through emotional expression and practical application.

Hope’s Ambassador

Ruth Sinnott has found God’s purpose for her life in volunteering with The Salvation Army.


Ruth Sinnott is a long-term volunteer at Hope Community Church in Ajax, Ont.

Beyond the Rack

An inside look at how Salvation Army thrift stores reduce, reuse and recycle.

The textile industry is one of the fastest-growing and highest waste-producing industries in the world. Short trend cycles and high consumption are leading to the rapid disposal of used goods, of which half could be re-used and a quarter could be recycled, according to the Textile Waste Reduction Strategy Act. And although it is a global

Winter Storm Social Services Response Recognized by Prime Minister

Army responds after record snowfall in Sydney, N.S.

Sydney, N.S., saw record snowfall in February when a multiple-day winter storm dropped more than 150 centimetres. The Salvation Army responded by providing spiritual and emotional support, and packing and distributing emergency food hampers in partnership with Cape Breton Regional Municipality (CBRM) and the Provincial Incident Management Team.

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The Science of a Smile

How is yours?

Faith & Friends

There are benefits to smiling. What makes Phil Callaway smile? Apparently, a lot! But behind all of them  is the outrageously absurd truth that a guy like him is loved and forgiven.

The Place Maker

Can our earth become a bit more like heaven? Drew Harper thinks so.

Faith & Friends

In 2011, when Drew Harper graduated from high school in his rural hometown of Paris, Illinois, he just wanted to “get out.” College appeared to Drew as a shiny object in the distance—the cure to all his teenage angst. But as he studied, Drew began to realize that the Bible was less of a text he needed to master and more of a life he wanted to live. “What I saw in Scripture showed me that God cares deeply for this world,” he says. “I began to pay more attention to my physical environment.” That blossomed into his desire to build and beautify what he calls “place”—where we spend our time and live our lives. The goal of Drew’s work remains unchanged: to help people live happier, healthier lives.

Kindness—the Ripple Effect

Jesus let His love and actions do the talking, and so should we.

Faith & Friends

Kindness got Jesus into a lot of trouble. People questioned Him about His motives and the authority of His goodness. Jesus didn’t bother giving His critics a clear answer—He just continued being the amazing person He was and let His love and actions do the talking.

Education for All

What is schooling for?

Opinion & Critical Thought

Christians need a newspaper in one hand and a Bible in the other— according to theologian Karl Barth. In our Talking It Over series, James Read invites thoughtful Salvationists from around the world to reflect on moral and ethical issues. Here, he speaks with Howard Dalziel about education. 

No One Can Do It All

Working together is always better.

Opinion & Critical Thought

"...remember this: you were not created to do it all and have every spiritual gifting. In your marriage, lean on your spouse and their giftings. With your kids, do the work of helping them discover their own spiritual giftings. Humbly investigate your own."

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