What we do

Now at work in 128 countries, The Salvation Army’s operations in Canada began in 1882 and has grown to become one of the largest direct providers of social services in the country. In Bermuda, the Army has been at work since 1896.

Our social service activities include: hunger relief for individuals and families through food banks and feeding programs; shelter for people experiencing homelessness and support for those needing housing; rehabilitation for those struggling with addiction; long-term care and palliative care; Christmas assistance such as food hampers and toys; after-school programs, camps, and school nutrition programs for children and youth; and life-skills classes such as budgeting, cooking for a family, and anger management.

With more than 200 Thrift Stores, The Salvation Army operates one of Canada’s largest national clothing recycling operations.

Although proceeds from the sale of goods help fund our many social programs, the Army also provides items free of charge to individuals or families who have been referred by our social programs and other agencies.

Thanks to the generosity of donors in Canada who have given specifically to our international work, the World Missions Department is able to support education, health-care, water and sanitation, and livelihood development projects that are helping families and communities abroad work towards self-sufficiency.

As a religious denomination, The Salvation Army has over 300 corps or congregations in Canada and Bermuda. These corps not only focus on worship, Christian education and other congregational activities, but are also involved in providing practical assistance to their communities.

The Salvation Army is diligent in its stewardship of donations so that funds solicited in its public appeals are used to fund community and social services programs and activities, rather than corps and congregational ministries unless the donor designates otherwise.