Hiring and Orientation - Salvation Army Canada

Hiring & Orientation

It is important that all persons, whether management or frontline staff, senior leaders or board members, are familiar with our core values and understand the importance of our core values in our operation.  This begins with the hiring process. 

A values-driven organization needs the ‘right’ people to bring our core values to life. The first step to building a values-driven organization is recruiting staff and volunteers who ‘fit’ our core values. You can have an impressive person working alongside you but if their values do not align with those of the organization it can result in a clash of views and/or actions. It also sends the wrong message to the rest of the organization. The Salvation Army is well-respected and many people seeking employment or volunteer opportunities in our organization do so because they see our mission and core values at work. 

The interview process is a good place to find people whose values align with the core values of the organization. Ensure questions regarding the understanding of and respect for our core values are included in interviews for both employees and volunteers.

Similarly, all orientation and onboarding processes should include discussion and explanation of our mission and core values.  By introducing new team members to our core values on their first day, they will learn how and why the mission and core values guide all aspects of the organization. It also deepens their understanding of the importance of our mission and core values and demonstrates that behaviour must align with our core values.

Click here for a printable copy of sample interview questions