Team Values Commitment

A great exercise to connect values and behaviours in your context is to create a formal ‘team values commitment’ with your team or ministry unit. Have each member sign the commitment and post it in a place where team members see it frequently. Such an exercise should be revisited regularly, e.g. annually, to determine what behaviour commitments are needed for the next period. 

The Ethics Centre would be happy to help you with this process in your ministry unit.

Below is an example of a team values commitment active in our Territory. The behaviours identified are those that are important for the Accreditation team, and contribute to their commitment to embedding our core values in their context.

A sample Values Commitment from a Music Ministry Team. They write: "We commit ourselves to live the following values and to support each other in our daily activities to demonstrate the following behaviours: Compassion - 1) We will be sensitive to the needs and interests of the congregation, and 2) We will speak in love; Respect - 1) We will arrive at practice on time with all our instruments and music and be ready to practice, and 2) We will listen with open ears and a willing spirit; Celebration - 1) We will recognize the milestones in the lives of the team, and 2) We will have a social gathering at least every three months; Co-operation - 1)We will remember that we are a ministry team and not individual performers, and 2) We will not assume that the set-up and take-down is the responsibility of a select few." Seven different signatures are signed to the bottom of this values commitment page.