Words in Action

There are two primary ways to foster the core values in the workplace – through actions and through words. These can be brought together by intentionally connecting the two on a regular basis. Making our core values living markers of workplace life and activity embeds them in the ethos of everyday operations and interactions.

This ‘in action’ activity can be part of a casual discussion, a formal one on one meeting, a team gathering, a training exercise – there are a myriad of situations where these conversations can take place. Recognize as well that this is not confined simply to the workplace; such discussions can (and should) happen at committee meetings, Sunday School classes, group gatherings – any expression of The Salvation Army.

Words in Action Activity

Connect how actions and behaviours reflect values by exploring how a particular value has been exemplified recently (day / week / month). The questions can be directed to one person or asked more broadly of a team or situation.

Below are some examples:

Where did you see celebration in the workplace recently?

How did you model excellence this week?

What was the best example of co-operation you were involved in today?

When I say integrity, what’s the proudest moment you can think of in our workplace?

Don’t be afraid to use the questions as a launching point for further conversation on how the values ‘live’ in your context. Listen. Affirm. Explore. The more often we actually talk about what our values mean and look like, the more likely they become points of pride and common vocabulary.

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