Performance Management

Incorporating our core values into all aspects of the performance management process is essential. It enhances the culture of the organization by ensuring alignment between values and behaviours. When employees understand they have the opportunity to affect the performance of the organization, they can become more engaged and are more likely to make a meaningful contribution. On the other hand, our core values can lose their significance if they do not play a part in managing performance. By managing performance, based on our core values, our core values become more deeply embedded in how we do what we do.

Performance Reviews

Including our core values in performance reviews emphasizes the significance of our core values. Discussion of our core values in the performance review allows you as a leader to:

  • Understand whether there is ongoing alignment of employee behaviour with our core values
  • Recognize employees for their commitment to aligning their actions with our core values
  • Receive feedback on employee perception of the integration of our core values in their ministry unit and the organization as a whole
  • Determine if other values emerging in the workplace need to be fostered or counteracted. 

You can introduce this discussion by:

  • Using specific questions or discussion points regarding our core values in the workplace – how they are being (or not being) modeled in the workplace, strengths, weaknesses, etc.
  • Surveying the integration of our core values in your ministry unit and using the data as a springboard for conversation in the review process.

Recognizing and Rewarding Values-Based Behaviour

When employees are intentional about living our core values they should be recognized for their efforts. Otherwise, they may stop believing in the significance of our core values. This does not mean you need to be watching for values-based behaviours every second of the day but you should regularly monitor how well our core values are being carried out in your ministry unit. 

To recognize and reward employees for demonstrating alignment with our core values you can:

  • Find a platform such as staff meetings or newsletters, to verbally recognize employees for values-based efforts
  • Encourage peer-to-peer recognition of actions aligned with our core values
  • Include modelling our core values as a consideration for a merit increase
  • Create an employee rewards program for modelling our core values (i.e. monthly lunch, quarterly prize, etc.)

Recognizing and rewarding employees for their commitment to modelling our core values reinforces the importance of our core values and motivates employees to align their behaviour. It also signals to employees that what they are doing matters.