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What are you doing with the rest of your life?

image of road sign with question marksThere’s a challenge before us. Everywhere we look there are people in need, those who have lost their dignity in the struggle of life. Some need food or shelter. Some need acceptance and love. Some are looking for someone to listen to them. Some feel lost and alone. There’s a challenge before us and it is big.

We’re looking for people, called by God, who are up to the challenge. We are looking for people who want to make a difference in the world, who want to set aside their own desire, their own agenda, and to get engaged in meeting this challenge. We are looking for followers of Jesus who want to serve effectively, compassionately; we’re looking for people who are given to mission!

Maybe you are one of those people. Maybe God is speaking to you through: The Bible, The Holy Spirit, The Church. Maybe even your family or friends have sensed this in you and have raised it! Maybe you are one who is up to the physical, emotional and spiritual challenge.

If you think you are, and you can meet the requirements of The Salvation Army to be a Salvation Army Officer we would like to hear from you. Read our FAQ page and if you’re interested in more information contact me. If Officership isn’t likely in your future there are other ministry opportunities you can discover here.

Major Shona Pike
Candidates Secretary

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