Invitation to INSPIRE General Brian Peddle and Commissioner Rosalie Peddle are coming home for next year's Territorial Conference and congress.

    Salvation Army International Symposium Considers Human Sexuality

    Delegates explore topics of faith and sexuality with open, respectful conversations.

    International News

    The first Salvation Army International Symposium on Human Sexuality took place in Singapore from July 30 to August 6, 2022. Delegates explored what it means to be “a child of God,” identity in Christ, living with difference, constructing an understanding of faith and sexuality, same-sex attraction/same-sex relationships, pornography, married life, how to live faithfully in all relationships and how to include those who do not feel included.

    Planting a Seed

    In Ottawa, The Salvation Army helped Spencer move on from a life of incarceration and drugs.

    Faith & Friends

    In Ottawa, The Salvation Army helped Spencer move on from a life of incarceration and drugs.

    The Best Shape of Our Lives

    Using our gifts and talents to grow healthy congregations.


    One of the four pillars of Mobilize 2.0 is strengthening spiritual health. At the heart of The Salvation Army’s mission are healthy congregations. In the following months, the corps mission resource department will share a series of articles that explore the foundations of a healthy corps: authentic community, biblical stewardship, contagious evangelism, discipleship and effective leadership.

    New Cadets Welcomed

    Canada and Bermuda Territory acknowledges eight individuals as they begin officer training.

    Territorial News

    Salvationists, family and friends gathered at Toronto’s Yorkminster Citadel on Sunday, September 18, to welcome eight cadets as they commenced field-based tailored training through the College for Officer Training (CFOT) to become officers in The Salvation Army. 

    The Present Generation

    The Salvation Army’s Youth Action Committee ignites change for young people.


    This year, Canada Bermuda Youth introduced the Youth Action Committee (YAC), a group of young adult representatives that will speak into topics and decisions at the territorial level regarding young people.