2020 Campaign - Salvation Army Canada

Partners in Mission 2020 Campaign

Partners in Mission Banner, Highlighting The Bahamas, India Central, and Bangladesh
Salvation Army congregations and ministry units play an important role in supporting the Partners in Mission campaign. This self-denial campaign provides the necessary money to carry out the ministry of The Salvation Army worldwide. These funds ensure that the Army continues to be a beacon of hope in countries devastated by poverty, illness and natural disasters - countries where much of the population lives on less than $2 a day.

All Salvation Army territories and commands contribute to the International Self-Denial Appeal (which we term  Partners in Mission). This serves as an example of what it means to be partners in mission and ministry - standing shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand.

Image of two girls standing shoulder to shoulder

The money raised during the Partners in Mission/Self-Denial Appeal provides essential funding required for the ongoing ministry of the Army. This funding is necessary to keep the infrastructure in place so that communities can focus on specific needs and concerns, such as education, health, clean water, income generation or human-trafficking issues.

To help promote this important fundraising campaign, we have developed several Partners in Mission resources, including videos,, photos, sermon outlines, powerpoint presentations, and more. Some of these resources are also available in French and Spanish.

The mission of The Salvation Army worldwide can only continue with your prayerful and practical support. It is a mission that continues to grow as The Salvation Army is welcomed into additional countries. We thank the Lord for these new opportunities, understanding the need to ensure that the finances are available to nurture these young churches.

Please give generously so that the territorial goal of $2.3 million will be reached.

Thank you and God Bless!