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Here you will find easy access to all of the 2017 Partners in Mission resource material.

Before downloading, create a new folder on your system called “Partners in Mission 2017”

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2017 Online Videos

Partners In Mission 2017 Introduction Video - Major Brenda Murray: A welcome to the campaign with very brief visual overview of the 2017 video material and invitation to support from World Missions Director, Major Brenda Murray. Click here to download MP4 video [size: 95 MBs]

PIM 2017:1 "SALVATION Germany" - TSA Refugee Response in Germany: Features interviews with refugees and SA officers involved in different immigration related work across Germany. Click here to download MP4 video [size: 407 MBs]

PIM 2017:2 "SANCTUARY" Germany - The Cafe: Features an interview with a member of TSA who runs a weekly cafe for female refugees. Click here to download MP4 video [size: 268 MBs]

PIM 2017:3 New Blood and Fire - TSA Poland: Featuring brief visits with clients and HQ. A small, new, growing group of people joining together to fight for good. Click here to download MP4 video [size: 358 MBs]

PIM 2017:4 TSA of STALACHOWICE - Poland: Featuring emotional testimonies from children and adults brought to salvation and The Salvation Army through new children's programs in their community. Click here to download MP4 video [size: 252 MBs]

PIM 2017:5 TSA Outpost MALBORK - Poland: Featuring an interview with Outpost Auxiliary Captain couple pioneering work in Malbork through community and street programs for youth. Click here to download MP4 video [size: 301 MBs]

PIM 2017:6 "COMMUNITY" TSA Housing Project - Sri Lanka: Featuring the Sri Lankan Salvation Army serving it's community and the relationships they share. A follow up to SA housing projects as part of the Tsunami response and community capacity development work. Click here to download MP4 video [size: 226 MBs]

PIM 2017:7 SA Children's Home - Sri Lanka: Featuring an interview with the Chief Secretary (SriLanka) at a SA Children's Home where he grew up and imagery. Click here to download MP4 video [size: 762 MBs]

PIM 2017:8 S.W.A.L.D. Project - Sri Lanka: SWALD - Safe Water and Livelihood Development project focus introduced and narrated by World Missions Director Major Brenda Murray. Click here to download MP4 video [size: 219 MBs]

PIM 2017 CHILDREN'S FEATURETTE: from TSA of STALACHOWICE - Poland: A lighter video aimed at children. Featuring full interview from STALACHOWICE with two 7 year old Junior Soldiers. Click here to download MP4 video [size: 127 MBs]