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Here you will find easy access to all of the 2019 Partners in Mission resource material.

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2019 Online Videos

Partners in Mission 2019 Introduction Video

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A welcome to the 2019 video campaign and invitation to support from World Missions Director, Lt. Col Brenda Murray. The Partners in Mission campaign is an annual, internal Self-Denial campaign for corps members to support the international work of The Salvation Army.

Producer's Thought: At just over a minute, this video is ideal to show with a live introduction to the campaign at your corps. For campaigns held over a shorter number of weeks, it could be played the week before the campaign start or in combination with the next weekly feature video.

PIM 2019:1 Bangwe Corps Part 1 - Our Partners

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In this video, we travel to Blantyre in Southern Malawi where the Bangwe Corps meets in a new building and holds the Self-Denial campaign in high regard. The distinct visuals of Bangwe combined with familiar Salvation Army imagery make for an interesting start to this year’s Partners in Mission campaign.

Producer's Thought: Go inside the corps, meet the officers, and meet a Soldier named Charles who will be featured in Part 2 when he gives us a tour of his home. The participation in Self-Denial across all of The Salvation Army internationally is important to note when taking a partnership-style approach to the campaign.

PIM 2019:2 Bangwe Corps Part 2 - A Canadian Connection

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In this video we spend some time with Charles, Malawi's Territorial Bandmaster who recently attended Canada's Leadership Development Institute (LDI) at Territorial Music School (TMS) held annually at Jackson’s Point Camp and Conference Centre.

Producer's Thought: This two-part series has a less polished, somewhat more current style where the camera is less of a tool in the story-telling and more of an extension of the person experiencing the story. Having already known Charles before our visit to Malawi makes for a unique opportunity to have a warm, candid conversation in the privacy of his own home.

PIM 2019:3 The Salvation Army in Zobwe

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Lt. Mapacare looks after seven corps in this area of Malawi near the Mozambique border. In this video, we meet him at a corps which has lost its building to a cyclone and travel with the League of Mercy to visit seniors with mobility issues.

Producer's Thought: Here we see Salvationists doing a lot with limited resources. It's truly special to get a glimpse inside League of Mercy visits with community members and their families.

PIM 2019:4 Farming God's Way

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Conservation Agriculture, also known as “Farming God’s Way,” is part of The Salvation Army's agricultural training which provides long-term, practical solutions for income generation and food security.

Producer's Thought: Project worker Mr. Ibrahim Thawani's resolve to meet the needs of this community in Funwe, Malawi is a strong feature in this piece. In this video, we visit a corps and the farms of families who are practicing what they are learning in The Salvation Army's training. We also hear a testimony from one of the women involved in the program. This is a great example of the local Salvation Army ministering in a rural area.

PIM 2019:5 Cyclone Dineo

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In this video, we visit several people and families in Mozambique who were affected by Cyclone Dineo. With support from The Salvation Army, they were able to rebuild their homes and get back on their feet.

Producer's Thought: The Salvation Army could not respond to disaster as effectively without the international infrastructure supported by the annual Self Denial campaign.

PIM 2019:6 Bagamoio Preschool

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The Salvation Army operates a large number of daycares and schools around the world. In this video, we visit Bagamoio Preschool in Maputo, Mozambique and get a glimpse of the children going about their day.

Producer’s Thought: Supporting The Salvation Army internationally means there are opportunities to minister as needs are met. At Bagamoio Preschool, children come each day to learn, be cared for and receive healthy meals and snacks while their parents are working.

PIM 2019:7 Monkey Bay Corps

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When the decision was made that the Forest Lawn Mission in Calgary, Alberta was going to close, the corps members decided to send the money that they had saved for their own new building to a congregation in need of a building in Malawi. In this video, we make a quick visit to the site of the new Monkey Bay Corps and see some follow up images from the grand opening.

Producer's Thought: This video shows support that goes beyond the Partners in Mission Campaign. While the local infrastructure in Monkey Bay, Malawi is supported by the international Self-Denial campaign, this Canadian corps decided it would like to give from it’s own reserves to make a big difference in the life of The Salvation Army in this community.

PIM 2019:8 Clean and Safe Water

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This video focuses on the provision of clean, safe water as part of The Salvation Army's W.A.S.H. program in Thyolo, Malawi. This program provides funding and education to communities with a focus on hygiene and sanitation. See the contaminated stream that used to be the community's only source of water, before visiting the borehole newly installed by The Salvation Army.

Producer's Thought: Diarrhea, though preventable, is the number one cause of death among children in Malawi. Something as simple as a source of clean water and hygiene education is all it takes to save lives.