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    Time for Inspired Leadership and Action

    Salvationists invited to support an online petition addressed to the political leaders of the G8 and G20 nations March 8, 2010
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    Since 2005, a World Religion Leaders' Summit has met in conjunction with G8 meetings to offer a faith perspective to the leaders of the world's most powerful countries. This June the G8 will be meeting in Canada.

    The World Religion Leaders' Summit, with international representatives from all of the world's major religions, is scheduled for June 21-23 at the University of Winnipeg. The Canadian delegation includes representatives from the Anglican Church of Canada, The Salvation Army, the United Church of Canada, Eastern and Roman Catholic, Eastern and Oriental Orthodox, Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, Jewish community, Muslim community, Baha'í Community of Canada, Hindu community, Buddhist community, and Aboriginal communities.

    In preparation for this summit, Salvationists are invited to support an online petition addressed to the political leaders of the G8 and G20 nations, which has been prepared by members of the global faith communities.

    “We urge our government representatives to set aside short-term agendas and work together for a future that allows all citizens of this planet to thrive.

    “At the G8 and G20 summits in 2010, we expect leaders to put first the needs and values of the majority of the world's population, of future generations and of Earth itself. From our shared values we call on leaders to take courageous and concrete actions to address poverty, care for our Earth, and invest in peace. We urge you to:

    • address the immediate needs of the most vulnerable while simultaneously making structural changes to close the growing gap between rich and poor;
    • prioritize long-term environmental sustainability and implement concrete plans to ensure global average temperatures do not exceed a 2° Centigrade increase from pre-industrial levels, while addressing the impact of climate change on the poor;
    • invest in peace and remove factors that feed cycles of violent conflict and costly militarism; and
    • commit to bold new efforts to put the Millennium Development Goals back on track, in order to halve poverty by 2015.

    “As people from religious and spiritual communities, we commit to doing our part to reduce poverty, protect the environment, and promote peace, both in our own communities and globally.”

    Click here to support this online petition (will open in a  new window).

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