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    Annual Change 2011

    Full listing of the annual appointment changes for Salvation Army officers in the Canada and Bermuda Territory. These appointments are effective July 1, unless otherwise stated. April 29, 2011
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    Territorial News
    BAGGS, Majors Dinzel & Kathleen – Corps Officers (St. Anthony), NL (Newfoundland & Labrador Division)

    BARROW, Major Everett – Area Commander for Ontario East Area (Ontario Central - East Division)

    BARROW, Major Violet – Napanee Community Church of The Salvation Army, ON (Ontario Central - East Division)

    BINNER, Major Douglas – Regina Haven of Hope Ministries, SK – Corps Officer and Community Ministries Officer

    (Prairie Division)

    BINNER, Major Joanne – Area Commander – Prairie West (Prairie Division)

    BISHOP, Majors Rocky & Janice – Renfrew Community Church, ON (Ontario Central - East Division)

    BLACKLER, Major Marilyn – Glenwood Corps, NL (Newfoundland & Labrador Division)

    BOYD, Major Betty – Special Assignment (Newfoundland & Labrador Division)

    BRAUND, Major Ann – Training Officer – CFOT (Territorial Headquarters)

    BRAUND, Major James – Assistant Principal – CFOT (Territorial Headquarters)

    BRIDGER, Captains Glenn & Jean – Lower Trinity Corps, NL (Newfoundland & Labrador Division)

    BRIDGER, Majors Larry & Marilyn – Red Deer Church and Community & Family Services, AB (Alberta & Northern Territories


    BROWN-RATCLIFFE, Majors Wilfred & Catherine – London Citadel, ON (Ontario Great Lakes Division)

    BRUSHETT, Captain Bev – Ottawa Booth Centre, ON – Chaplain (Ontario Central - East Division)

    BRUSHETT, Captain Tony – Ottawa Booth Centre, ON – Director of Pastoral Services (Ontario Central - East Division)

    BUTT, Major Glenys – Windsor Hotel-Dieu Grace Hospital, ON – Chaplain (Ontario Great Lakes Division)


    CAMERON, Captains Steven & Corrine – Winnipeg East Community Church, MB (Prairie Division)

    CAMERON, Major Faith – Smith's Falls Community Church, ON – Community Services Officer (Ontario Central - East Division)

    CAMERON, Major Malcolm – Smiths Falls Community Church, ON – Corps Officer (Ontario Central - East Division)

    CHAULK, Major Violet – Grand Falls/Windsor Social Services, NL – Community & Family Services Director

    (Newfoundland & Labrador Division)

    CHIU, Major Edson – London Centre of Hope, ON – Assistant to the Executive Director (Ontario Great Lakes Division)

    CHIU, Major Kathryn – London Centre of Hope, ON – Executive Director (Ontario Great Lakes Division)

    CLARKE, Major Renee – Community & Family Services (Hamilton/Wentworth), ON – Social Services Chaplain

    (Ontario Great Lakes Division)

    COLBOURNE, Captains Duane & Doreen – Peterview, NL (Newfoundland & Labrador Division)

    CRITES, Majors Grayling & Jacqueline – Dauphin, MB (Prairie Division)

    CROCKER, Captains George & Karen – Comfort Cove/Newstead, NL (Newfoundland & Labrador Division)


    DALLEY, Captain Mark & Naomi – Listowel, ON (Ontario Great Lakes Division)

    DART-STOKES, Captains Anthony & Beverley – Birchy Bay, NL (Newfoundland & Labrador Division)

    DAVIS, Captain Clay – Divisional Property & Audit Manager (Newfoundland & Labrador Division)

    DOMINAUX, Lieutenant Tina – Glovertown, NL (Newfoundland & Labrador Division)

    DOWNER, Cadet Josh  – Glace Bay circuit with New Waterford, NS (Maritime Division)

    DUNSTAN, Captain Jodi – Assistant Divisional Youth Secretary (Prairie Division)

    DUNSTAN, Captain Mark – Divisional Youth Secretary (Prairie Division)


    EVENDEN, Major Merrilee – Ottawa Booth Centre, ON – Community & Familty Services Coordinator

    (Ontario Central - East Division)

    EVENDEN, Major Neil – Ottawa Booth Centre, ON – Director of Community & Emergency Services

    (Ontario Central - East Division)


    FELTHAM, Major Donald – Windsor Community & Rehabilitation Centre, ON – Executive Director (Ontario Great Lakes Division)

    FROUDE, Major Robert – Divisional Secretary for Business Administration (Newfoundland & Labrador Division)

    FROUDE, Major Ruby – Finance Assistant (Newfoundland & Labrador Division)

    FUDGE, Captain Laverne – Woodstock Community Church, NB (Maritime Division)

    FULLER, Major Brian – Grande Prairie Community Church, AB – Corps Officer (Alberta & Northern Territories Division)

    FULLER, Major Susan – Grande Prairie Community Church, AB – Community & Family Services Director

    (Alberta & Northern Territories Division)


    GOUDIE, Majors Larry & Judy – Fredericton Community Church, NB (Maritime Division)

    GROVES, Captains Geoffrey & Linda – Midland Community Church, ON (Ontario Central - East Division)


    HIBBS, Major Elaine – Corner Brook Social Services, NL – Community & Family Services Director

    (Newfoundland & Labrador Division)

    HILLIARD, Major Deborah – Human Resource Officer (THQ Personnel Department)

    HOLLETT, Major Marie – Norris Arm, NL (Newfoundland & Labrador Division)

    JACKSON, Majors Darrell & Lise – Georgetown Community Church, ON (Ontario Great Lakes Division)

    JANES, Major Cyril – Special Assignment (Ontario Great Lakes Division)

    JANES, Majors Raymond & Laura – Corner Brook Citadel, NL (Newfoundland & Labrador Division)


    KATCHANOV, Captain George – Westsong Community Church (Victoria), BC (British Columbia Division)

    KATCHANOV, Captains Sergii & Tatiana – Nanaimo Community Church, BC (British Columbia Division)

    KEAN, Majors William & Trixie – North Street Citadel (Bermuda Division)

    KEAN, Majors Robert & Cassie – Springdale & Little Bay Islands, NL (Newfoundland & Labrador Division)

    KENNEDY, Captain Patricia – Sudbury Community Church, ON – Corps Officer (Ontario Great Lakes Division)

    KENNEDY, Captain Tony – Sudbury Community Church, ON – Corps Officer & Area Commander – Sudbury

    (Ontario Great Lakes Division) Effective: August 15, 2011

    KIM, Cadets Peter & Grace – St. Albert Church and Community Centre, AB (Alberta & Northern Territories Division)

    KIMBERLEY, Majors Kenneth & Colleen – White Rock Church & Community Ministries, BC (British Columbia Division)

    KING, Major William – Community & Family Services (Hamilton /Wentworth) , ON – Executive Director

    (Ontario Great Lakes Division)


    LACEY, Majors Gerald & Doreen – Mount Pearl, NL (Newfoundland & Labrador Division)

    LEMKE, Captain Karen – Associate Director of World Missions (Territorial Headquarters) Effective: August 22, 2011

    LEWIS, Major Dale – Waterloo Corrections & Justice Services, ON – New Directions – Program Coordinator

    (Ontario Great Lakes Division)

    LEWIS, Major Neil – Waterloo Corrections & Justice Services, ON – New Directions – Executive Director

    (Ontario Great Lakes Division)


    MACKENZIE, Captain Bruce – Alberni Valley, BC – Community & Family Services Officer (British Columbia Division)

    MACKENZIE, Captain Kristiana – Alberni Valley, BC – Corps Officer (British Columbia Division)

    MARCH, Majors Patrick & Julie – Paris Coeur-de-Vey – Corps Officers (France & Belgium Territory)

    MCCARTER, Major Joan – Office Assistant – Public Relations & Development (Alberta & Northern Territories Division)

    MCCARTER, Major Martin – Divisional Secretary for Business Administration (Alberta & Northern Territories Division)

    MCINNES, Major Greg – Toronto Correctional & Justice Services, ON – Chaplain (College Park Court)

    (Ontario Central - East Division)

    MCINNES, Major Patricia – Toronto Harbour Light Ministries, ON – Chaplain & Family Wellness Counsellor

    (Ontario Central - East Division)

    MCKENZIE, Cadet Kyla – Fernie, BC (British Columbia Division)

    MCNEILLY, Captains David & April – Kingston Citadel, ON (Ontario Central - East Division)


    PEARCE, Majors William & Barbara – Georgina Community Church, ON (Ontario Central - East Division)

    PERCY, Majors Kenneth & Donette – Bowmanville Community Church, ON (Ontario Central - East Division)

    PITTMAN, Major Rita – Divisional Secretary for Women's Ministries (Newfoundland & Labrador Division)

    PRITCHETT, Majors Lorne & Barbara – Conception Bay South, NL (Newfoundland & Labrador Division)


    RANDELL, Captains Osbourne & Roxanne – Woodstock circuit with Ming's Bright, NL (Newfoundland & Labrador Division)

    REGAMEY, Major Henri – Gateway of Hope (Langley), BC – Chaplain (British Columbia Division)

    REGAMEY, Major Judy – Area Commander – Lower Mainland & B.C. North (British Columbia Division)

    REID, Captain Bradley – Finance Intern (THQ Finance Department)

    REID, Captain Jennifer – Coordinator for Women's Ministries Resources (THQ Women's Ministries Department)

    REILLY, Captain Gerald – Moose Jaw, SK – Corps Officer (Prairie Division)

    REILLY, Captain Laurie – Moose Jaw, SK – Community & Family Services Officer (Prairie Division)

    ROWE, Major Craig – Regina William Booth Special Care Home, SK – Chaplain – In Training (Prairie Division)

    ROWE, Major Patsy – Regina William Booth Special Care Home, SK – Administrative Training (Prairie Division)

    RYAN, Captain Leigh & Major Vida – Moncton Citadel Community Church, NB (Maritime Division)


    SABOURIN, Captains Jason & Tammy – Stratford Community Church, ON (Ontario Great Lakes Division)

    SAUNDERS, Captains Raymond & Denise – Green's Harbour, NL (Newfoundland & Labrador Division)

    SAVAGE, Lieutenants Jon & Tracy – Westminster Park (London), ON (Ontario Great Lakes Division)

    SIMMS, Captains Kristian & Lesley – Burlington Community Church, ON (Ontario Great Lakes Division)

    SMITH, Captain Rhonda – Brandon, MB – Corps Officer & Community & Family Services Officer (Prairie Division)

    SMITH, Major Douglas – Officer Personnel Secretary (THQ Personnel Department)

    SNELGROVE, Major Sterling – Hanover, ON – Corps Officer & Community & Family Services Officer

    (Ontario Great Lakes Division)

    STREET, Cadets Chris & Tonia – Eastside Citadel (Fairbanks), NL (Newfoundland & Labrador Division)


    TAYLOR, Captains Gordon & Karen – Ocean Crest Corps (Campbell River), BC (British Columbia Division)

    THOMAS, Captains Brian & Betty – Robert's Arm, NL (Newfoundland & Labrador Division)


    VAN DUINEN, Major Dirk – Area Commander for Corps Ministries in the Greater Toronto Area (Ontario Central - East Division)


    WAGNER, Major Isobel – Hope Community Church (Ajax/Pickering), ON – Community & Family Services Officer

    (Ontario Central - East Division)

    WAGNER, Major Mark – Hope Community Church (Ajax/Pickering), ON – Corps Officer (Ontario Central - East Division)

    WALES, Captain Mae – Charlottetown, NL (Newfoundland & Labrador Division)

    WATERS, Major Fred – Candidates Secretary (THQ Candidates Department)

    WATERS, Major Wendy – Adult Ministries Secretary (THQ Corps Ministries Department)

    WILKINSON, Captain Crystal – Prince George Community Church, BC – Community & Family Services Officer

    (British Columbia Division)

    WILKINSON, Captain Neil – Prince George Community Church, BC – Corps Officer (British Columbia Division)

    WILSON, Cadet Joyce – Glace Bay circuit with New Waterford, NS (Maritime Division)

    WILSON, Major Alfred – Special Assignment (Ontario Great Lakes Division)

    WILSON, Major Sharon – Hespeler Community Church, ON (Ontario Great Lakes Division)

    WINSOR, Major Shirley – Edmonton Grace Manor, AB – Chaplain & City of Edmonton, AB – Chaplain (Alberta & Northern

    Territories Division) Effective: May 1, 2011

    WOODLAND, Major Beverley – Assistant Social Services Secretary (THQ Social Services Department)

    WOODS, Lieutenant Danette & Cadet Darren – Hillcrest Community Church (London), ON

    (Ontario Great Lakes    Division)

    WYNNE, Cadet Jaclyn – Glover's Harbour, NL (Newfoundland & Labrador Division)



    Effective: July 1, 2011 (Unless otherwise stated)


    CANNING, Captain Jennifer – Vancouver Kate Booth House, BC – Executive Director (British Columbia Division)

    *Additional Responsibility

    CHAULK, Major Violet – Grand Falls/Windsor Social Services, NL – Central Health Chaplain (Newfoundland & Labrador Division)

    *Additional Responsibility

    CHIU, Major Kathryn – London Bethesda Centre, ON – Interim Executive Director (Ontario Great Lakes Division)

    *Additional Responsibility

    COGGLES, Captain Deborah – Divisional Anti-Human Trafficking Coordinator (British Columbia Division) *Additional Responsibility


    GEORGE, Major Marlene – Pastoral Care Officer – Newfoundland & Labrador (THQ Pastoral Care Department)

    *Designation Change

    GOUDIE, Major Judy – Pastoral Care Officer – Maritimes (THQ Pastoral Care Department) *Additional Responsibility

    GOYAK, Captain Tracy – The Salvation Army Moria Ministries (Belleville) ON – Assistant Executive Director

    (Ontario Central - East Division)*Additional Responsibility

    GRUER-CAULFIELD, Major Shane – Toronto Harbour Light Ministries, ON – Director of Chaplaincy

    (Ontario Central - East Division)*Additional Responsibility


    HOLLETT, Major Marie – Grand Falls/Windsor Social Services, NL – Central Health Chaplain

    (Newfoundland & Labrador Division)*Additional Responsibility

    HOLLIDAY, Major Malba – Saskatoon Community Centre, SK – Executive Director (Prairie Division) *Additional Responsibility


    KING, Major William – Hamilton Suicide Prevention & Resource Centre, ON – Executive Director of Suicide Prevention

    (Ontario Great Lakes Division) *Additional Responsibility


    MARCH, Major Patrick – Region of Paris Ile-de-France – Coordinating Officer (France & Belgium Territory) *Additional Responsibility

    MARTIN, Major Velma – Divisional Community Care Ministries Secretary (British Columbia Division) *Additional Responsibility

    MILLAR, Major Donna – Divisional Community Care Ministries Secretary (Alberta & Northern Territories Division)

    *Additional Responsibility


    ROSS, Aux.-Captain Sandra – Toronto Harbour Light Ministries, ON – Chaplain (Ontario Central - East Division)

    *Additional Responsibility


    Click here to download the PDF of the Annual Change 2011.


    On Tuesday, February 14, 2012, Kevin Crawford said:

    Being the son of a former officer, I am the first to state that the Army has a system that has been broken for many years.

    Case in point - Why move officers if the corps like the officer and the officer like the corps? It's a complete waste of money. Though I am far from a religious person now (the Army took care of that!) I have friends who are pastors, and they have told me that "The Lord" tells them when it's time to move. I'm pretty sure a DC doesn't trump "The Lord". Though growing up an officer's son, I've known a couple of DC's who felt they were of such high power!

    Maybe the Army should rebuild from the ground up! ;)

    On Wednesday, July 20, 2011, Major Rolf Guenther (Ret) said:

    I think that it is not wise to let officers choose their Corps because many will choose the prestigious or wealthy Corps and the smaller or poorer Corps will be "Unofficered". I rather feel that it should be the responsibility of the leaders to find out what the gifts and talents of their officers have and then appoint them where they are best suited for. In this way we get more satisfied officers as well as Corps people. Also it would be good if officers could choose a carrier as, say : Social Officer, or Pastor, or in the justice field etc. At the same time the officers training should be expanded to four years enabling the officers to graduate with a BA or even MA so that they are well trained in their field and are at par with their counterparts in churches, social field, etc. If then an officer feels he/she does not want to continue as officer but rather use their training in the secular field than they should be required to pay back to The Army on a pro rated basis.
    God bless the Army

    On Saturday, July 16, 2011, Capt M ilfred Harper Gds Rtd said:

    I believe that the Salvation Army needs to come up with the times and let the officers
    vote on the corp that they want to lead. It is hard for the people and officers when the
    marching orders are sent out, however there are a lot of people in the corp that could
    also help out the officers by taking on special jobs. Being a soldier makes me feel
    like I am just there to occupy a seat. However when one does make a statement or
    yells about something we are considered a trouble maker. I have my plate filled with
    the fire dept, trying to help people get along , not to mention the pipe bands , trying
    to keep the young people interested ,having some in the band that is not interested
    and couldn't care less so everything does get to a person sooner or later.
    God Bless Us All

    On Tuesday, June 7, 2011, Fern Penney said:

    I still believe that officers are sent to corps that God has assigned to them. I may not approve of the change and would like for a certain officer to stay but God's timing is perfect. He has placed the right person in the position and place that He wants them to go. I have seen God's Hand at work in my corps over the past 30 years. Every officer that have come to our corps, God has used either for my family or a family that is in the corps. God doesn't make mistakes, it's only humans like myself that make the mistakes. I am looking forward to our new officers coming to our corps and in saying that I will miss our officers that are leaving. I have learned over the past 30 years that we as lay people have to stand behind our corps officer when they come to us and when they leave. My prayer is that God will continue to bless the corps, leaders and officers. Help us to work together to extend His Kingdom where ever we are.


    On Wednesday, May 25, 2011, Shar said:

    I think if The Salvation Army wants to be more recognized as a church (and to grow) and not just a social arm it is important that people have a hope of keeping long term pastors. Right now everyone knows that at 5 yrs 'time is up' (or close to it) and there is no point hoping for 15 or 20 because it can't happen. That's too bad when every other church in town gets to keep their pastors and family mentors for many years, it makes members of The Salvation Army and easy catch for other churches. Not that it matters where people go to church.....

    On Thursday, May 12, 2011, Elizabeth said:

    It is very unfortunate that officers who make great corps officers, great speakers and communicators, get administration positions. Our churches could be growing if only the good communicators were in positions of influence with the people in our communities. Is it really necessary to follow the ways of the business world? If one has a God-given gift to teach, let him teach.

    On Thursday, May 5, 2011, Don Smith said:

    God Bless all the Officers and they Families. It is going to be hard for me to say good-bye to did Offices in London i was with two different Corps and the Corps Officers have done so much for me and my Family for the last number of years that the officers where here. It is so hard to say good-bye to great people.

    On Wednesday, May 4, 2011, heather said:

    I am an officer’s child of the era of receiving a phone call 6 weeks before moving and that was that. I often hear older officers ask the question where is the aspect of “where He sends me I will go” is anymore.

    Corps do receive the option to display their wants. At North York Temple, our ministry board was met and prayed with after assessing the needs of our corps. After they relayed what we needed, we were given the gift of Maj. Randy Hicks (R). It is up to him if he wishes to renew his contract as a retired officer. He has done, through God’s help amazing things for our Corps. We have grown and are now considered a premiere corps of not only the division, but perhaps the territory. We were able to express our needs, and God is blessing us

    On Tuesday, May 3, 2011, Just an officers child.. said:

    Speaking as a grown officers child, I agree with Mark. It would be nice to have this information made public a couple days later so we could have time to process. My parents didn't know they were being moved and I was only told minutes before other people were badgering me about how I felt about it. I hadn't even been able to look up their new place on the map yet and of course gossip in the Salvation Army travels faster than in any high school I ever attended. Please remember the family members are greatly affected by the moves.

    On Sunday, May 1, 2011, markbraye said:

    it actually goes both ways, folks.

    it also depends on divisional department heads. some will tell their officers in advance; some will not.

    some officers will know X amount of time in advance where they are moving and some officers will know Y amount of time in advance where they are moving.

    some officers find out where they're moving merely hours before this information is made available here online.

    the second comment on this post is thoughtful and more than apropriate.

    On Sunday, May 1, 2011, I am a Soldier too said:

    I agree with Mark and Johnsthan, some officers do know where they are going and some have told their leaders where they want to go and have gotten the appointment they requested. So those of you who didn't know in advance, get after your leaders and tell them you want to be treated the same way. Officers have sat in congregations for a year or two made friends with certain people in the corps and then were appointed to that corps as corps officers the next year. That is a conflict of interest. My understanding was that the Army didn't send an officer back to the corps they went to the training college from because it would be a conflict of interest. What is the difference here? What about the other people in the corps? I know other officers who have said they wanted to stay in a corps for a certain number of years and it happened without even giving the local officers a listening ear. I think the whole process of appointments should be changed and give the people a chance to have imput; after all we are the ones who know first hand what is happening in our corps and how the officer is performing. Many corps have suffered over the years because officers were placed in the wrong appointment while others were placed in the right appointment but weren't given the opportunity to complete theitr mandate. With the shortage of officers these days it may not get any better in the near future. Many salvationists saw the hand writting on the wall years ago and told the leaders what would happen, and I was one of them, but it fell on deaf ears, so now we have to live with it. I use to believe every appointment was prayed over but not anymore. Yes, I do believe when our leaders get together to look at changes they pray as they are suppose to before every meeting but to pray over every individual appointment, no I don't.

    On Sunday, May 1, 2011, patsy fillier said:

    I'm so glad to have the major beatrice & henry Bingles back with us for another year the are wonderful officers. Power behind their message. God place good officers in Englee. They are friendly ,uplifting , & loveable officers.

    On Saturday, April 30, 2011, D. Stratton said:

    Speaking as an officer for over 10 years and in the move process thee different times now, leadership does consult with the field officer to abtain their passion, desires, challanges of the current appointment in preperation for the next. While that discussion happens in a very loose form, vary rarely, if ever, do we know the specific place months in advace as been suggested. With respect to the corps people being in the dark and last to know, there are ways that Corps Officers can share the "possibilities" of a move with our congergations to avoid the shock and awe moments. When you speak of just the possibility of a move before they are announced is a form of preperation. It reminds our people that we do service in an Army that is subject to moves.
    Regardless, the whole of our organization needs our prayers during this time. Our Territorial moves are announced this Friday. God Bless our Army!

    On Saturday, April 30, 2011, Donald said:

    Blessings as well to all officers who are moving, staying or going in retirement, we about to celebrate our 95 corps Anniversary in 2 weeks, we have been without full time officers for the past 5 years,we have done circuit, part-time officers and in their absence we the corps locals, haven,t miss a sunday without keeping our church open, and to see other Corps in out situation, but only 20-30 kms drive to another Corps to get an officer and as of now come june 30 ,we will be without an officer,we cannot drive to another corps, so please keep us in your prayers,so that the army well find a replacement for us,i do believe God is moving us on, God Bless The Salvation Army
    Don powell cs

    On Friday, April 29, 2011, walter boland said:

    Blessings on all officers,especially those who are involved in the moves...since God is Not the Author of Confussion,I should think those reponsible for initiating such moves,did so after much prayer, therefore all officers may be confident that THIS IS THE LORD'S DOINGS and MUCH
    BLESSINGS and SUCCESS and SOUL SAVING will result from their labour..Jer 29:11 is HIS
    PROMISE to ALL...make song 734 your motto and song 930 will be characteristic of the
    ret'd csm. walter boland

    On Friday, April 29, 2011, Wendy Hackett said:

    So Happy that we are keeping the Jefferys in our Spryfield Corps, God has blessed us greatly.

    On Friday, April 29, 2011, Bonnie said:

    Happy to hear that the Stewards are staying put but I am very sad that Mjr. V. Chaulk is leaving for NFLD. She will be greatly missed.
    Also That the Jackson's are heading back to Ontario.

    On Friday, April 29, 2011, Kathie Chiu said:

    Alice, sorry but there are quite a few officers kept in the dark about where they're going! We were one of them. We knew we were being moved way back in September and had to sit anxiously waiting for seven months to find out what our appointment would be.

    And Jonathan, although our family knew we were moving, I didn't have time to call them all to let them know before this was released, only my older children, and I had to call them early, before 9:00 am before the moves were posted so that they could know first.

    Anyway, I think perhaps it's time to look at doing this a different way - one that honours and respects all involved, including the members of the corps.

    On Friday, April 29, 2011, Jac said:

    Perhaps rather than speculating on what the army is and is not doing properly with the moves...we should concentrate on lifting those in prayer who are affected by the moves!

    On Friday, April 29, 2011, Ron said:

    I think it is appropriate to express a large measure of gratitude to those retired officers who have continued to answer the Lord's call by filling vacant corps appointments across the territory. Blessings to you all!!!

    On Friday, April 29, 2011, Lynn said:

    When it is an international appointment corps officers tell their congregation well ahead of the annual change date posted ion the that they have been given an international appointment even when they do not know where they are going

    On Friday, April 29, 2011, Paul said:

    We're just fortunate to be keeping ours another year. God Bless Major's Steward!!!

    On Friday, April 29, 2011, Alice said:

    Mark- you are way behind with army news-officers all know months in advance what's happening with their appointments and most if not all know where they are going. It's only the corps people who are kept in the dark about what's happening- their opinion means nothing.

    On Friday, April 29, 2011, Jonathan Evans said:

    @mark: officers and their families know before this list that they are moving in consultation with their Divisional Commanders. The official release of this list reduces misinformation by word of mouth transmission.

    On Friday, April 29, 2011, mark said:

    it would be nice if the salvationist waited a day before releasing the appointments thereby giving officers and their families time to let things sink in.

    On Friday, April 29, 2011, Major/ Captain Patrick Lublink - Military Chaplain said:

    God bless all these officers as they take up new appointments this summer.

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