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    Youth Are Convinced

    The commissioning weekend included a celebration of children and youth June 24, 2011 by Julia Hosking
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    Territorial News
    Young people facilitated the worship at the territorial youth meeting on Friday June 24. As part of the commissioning weekend, the theme of the night was “Convinced” taken from 1 John 2:29: “Once you're convinced that he is right and righteous, you'll recognize that all who practice righteousness are God's true children” (The Message).

    The Divisional Youth Band, under bandmaster Rob Brown, played a prominent role throughout, with performances and accompaniment. They led the congregation in the opening song, O Boundless Salvation, during which the Children's Choir entered for an upcoming massed choir performance.

    This opening followed two vignette videos, firstly featuring General William Booth's “I'll fight” speech and secondly, Clint Houlbrook, territorial youth consultant, encouraged people to fight the “darkness” of today.

    The Oshawa Youth Worship Team, Ont., led the congregation in worship several times throughout the evening and the Divisional Youth Chorus offered performances under conductor, Cathie Koehnen.

    A Massed Singing Company, comprised of the Children's Choir and Divisional Youth Chorus, performed Friend of God and Our Father under leader, Elizabeth Colley.

    Worship through drama was also a key component of Convinced. The Cobourg Community Church, Ont., performed a mime to Who Am I, a song by Christian band Casting Crowns. The mime artists powerfully depicted Jesus' love for all through lyrics such as “Who am I? That the Lord of all the earth, would care to know my name, would care to feel my hurt.”

    Also during the night, Major Denise Walker, assistant territorial youth secretary, introduced a soon-to-be-released children's ministry resource, Ready to Serve. The curriculum will be delivered via DVDs featuring the Ready to Serve Recon Team: Kate, Christie, Sarai, Simon and Michael. The congregation received a brief introduction to the team via live drama and song.

    Commissioner William Francis, territorial commander, delivered a short message to the congregation. He recognized the potential of the young people and asked those on the platform if they would like to be the future territorial commander.

    One young boy, Logan, raised his hand and came forward to meet Commissioner Francis, who placed his tunic on Logan. While recognizing that in years to come, Logan may become a Salvation Army officer; the commissioner particularly noted that children and youth are not only the future, but the present, and are “ready to serve” today.

    This led into an acknowledgement of junior and senior soldiers recently enrolled in the Ontario Central-East Division. The Divisional Youth Chorus sang Cornerstone, written by Major Len Ballantine, as a blessing for the new soldiers. Commissioner Francis encouraged them to not “let anyone ever tell you you're rejected, because God has a plan for your life.” He prayed over them and the congregation joined together in worship through singing.

    To conclude, Captain Stephen White, divisional youth secretary, Ontario Central-East, shared a benediction from Romans 8:35 and said, “It is amazing to feel the power of the Holy Spirit here tonight.”


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