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    Eleven Salvation Army Officers Commissioned

    Here are the first photos from the Commissioning and Ordination of the Ambassadors of Holiness Session. June 25, 2011 by John McAlister
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    Territorial News

    On Saturday, June 25, 11 Salvation Army officers were commissioned and ordained with the rank of lieutenant. Led by Commissioner William W. Francis, territorial commander, the ceremony recognized their calling to serve as spiritual leaders in The Salvation Army.

    In attendance was General Linda Bond, international leader of The Salvation Army. Although not present in an official capacity, General Bond wished to offer her support to her niece, newly commissioned Lieutenant Jaclyn Wynne.

    On Sunday, June 26, Salvationists will gather for a public worship service at 10:30 a.m. and then a retirement service for Commissioners William and Marilyn Francis at 3 p.m., which will be led by Commissioners Norman and Marion Howe. Both of these events can be viewed on our live webcast (click here).

    A full report will be posted following the conclusion of the commissioning weekend, but here are selected photos from the Saturday event.


    On Thursday, December 29, 2011, Heather Wilson said:

    We couldn't have been happier for our daughter Joyce and now son-in-law, Joshua Downer. We look back to June as one of the best things that has happened to us as a family. We are proud of both Joyce, Joshua, and all the other recently commissioned officers. God bless, Heather & Hugh Wilson

    On Wednesday, June 29, 2011, Captaine Laurent Dibanssa said:

    What wonderful pictures! We wish the the Ambassadors of Holiness God's richest blessing, his Wisdom and his strength! Greetings from Congo Brazzaville

    On Tuesday, June 28, 2011, Bishop Faron Langdon said:

    Congratulations to the eleven cadets who heard the voice of God speak to them. I remember well my calling and my commissioning.

    What I learned was that God leads us to a place where we have to discern what He desires from us. We are not puppets and as such our ministries lead us where we never expected to go, however if we are loyal to follow the opportunities presented before us, it is then that we truly serve.

    I have had wonderful opportunities for ministry in the care facilities and Corps of The Salvation Army as well as in the Baptist and Anglican Church, in hospitals, on the street with street youth, in the supermarkets, to my community and neighbours. We are not called for a season but for a lifetime of commitment to God, wherever we find ourselves.

    I had my reasons for leaving Officership and reasons for wanting to go back later, employed by The Salvation Army, only to be declined. I found ordination with a Fellowship of dedicated and courageous Pastors who represent God before congregations, inmates, street people, the infirm, and the dieing. They confirm that ministry is not for a season, nor is our calling restricted to clerical collars or epilets. No, our lives are Gods until we take our last breath, and then we rejoice in the affirmation of our faith, everlasting life.

    Is our calling for a season? No, we may be discouraged, we may find ourselves angry at God at times. We may disagree with those who have charge over us. Remember that it is God's calling to us, not the calling by any institute made by man. God's "CHURCH" is the people of God, not the bricks and mortar.

    I have found myself in uncomfortable places, but nowhere that God has not also been with me. When you are in a situation where you wonder about your calling, ask yourself if God has led you there for a reason. As I said, don't neglect those golden opportunities where God has gone before you. My grocery experiences have led me to provide pastoral care to those grieving and convicted others to attend Church. Blessings of hospital Chaplaincy far outweigh whatever I have been able to provide.

    May the Ambassadors of Holiness always put the Bible to the forefront and be open to God's will in Ministry. The blessings will return a thousand fold and more. May the richness of His Word and the strength of the Holty Spirit be with you.

    On Monday, June 27, 2011, Kate said:

    So happy for my best friend Joyce Wilson!! Joyce is true inspiration on what it means to follow your passion and your heart. Congratulations!!

    On Monday, June 27, 2011, Jeff Arkell said:

    I am thankful that God has called 11 men and women to be officers in The Salvation Army and that they have responded to his call. I am thankful that God continues to call people to the ranks of officership. I appreciated and agree with Commissioner William's perspective on Saturday evening that we need to move from the concept of candidate recruitment to candidate cultivation.

    Yes, I believe we need to continue to (perhaps more often) put to option of officership in front of of our young people. Candidates Sunday's are an opportunity to do so and an opportunity to create awareness of the option and a moment for people to consider if indeed this is God's call on their life. However, and I think more importantly we need to encourage our young people to respond to the call of God in their lives, which may or may not be officership. After all, it is God who calls some to full time service as officers and not The Salvation Army. I pray our young and not so young people will be sensitive to God's call whatever that may happen to be. God has called these 11 and He will continue to call men and women to service. In our times how can we work with God to develop and cultivate candidates?

    Just another thought...is the calling to officership a call to a LIFE of service in the Army? Is is ever just for a season? It the language of "life time of service" a deterrent to a younger and much different generation?


    On Sunday, June 26, 2011, Ivy Joy Rose said:

    God bless the new Officers and given them vision and joy.
    I remember when over 30 Cadets were commissioned and this year eleven.
    We need to present officership more assertively and joyfully and get back to
    the days of Candidate's Sunday when young people were asked to commit
    to a life of service in the Army.
    Lord hear our prayer.

    On Sunday, June 26, 2011, Mary Tim said:

    It was great to watch the commissioning & ordination via the webcast. Congratulations to all the new Lieutenants! A special shout out to my little 'sis' - Lieutenant Kyla McKenzie! May God bless you in your new ministries!

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