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    Salvation Army Examines Impact of Technology

    Social Issues Committee meets in Winnipeg to discuss social issues arising from the use of social media. September 22, 2011 by Captain Bramwell Pearce
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    On September 16-17, members of the territory's Social Issues Committee met in Winnipeg to discuss social issues arising from the use of new forms of technology and how the Army should respond. Saturday's two presentations and discussions were timely given the explosion of new media in the last decade.

    The first to present was Nancy Turley, territorial abuse advisor, who shared how social media such as Facebook, Skype and texting can be dangerous if used improperly or poorly monitored. This is especially true for young people who are vulnerable to online predators and bullying. It can also impact those in ministry positions or authority who may be compromised by inappropriate content. While these new forms of media can be useful tools for ministry, Turley noted that we also need to exercise caution and consider appropriate boundaries.

    The second presenter was Bram Ryan, an independent journalist, producer and multi-platform media content specialist. Ryan offered a historical overview of the role of Church and media in Western society, pointing out the similarities in the way the media and the Church tell us who we are, why we are, and what our lives mean. According to Ryan, the media has largely displaced the role of the Church as primary outlet for public discourse in the last 50 years. In response, Ryan challenged Salvationists to produce more independent, localized media as part of our mission.

    The group discussions that followed indicated that media and technology will be a growing issue for the Church. Do you have thoughts on how the Army should respond to evolving technology? Leave a comment below or contact the committee at

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