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    New Partners in Mission

    The Canada and Bermuda Territory enters into new relationships as part of the international Partners in Mission program January 27, 2012
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    Salvation Army International Headquarters introduced Partners in Mission in 2002, a program designed to create partnership between territories with the intention of increasing the financial support of the Self-Denial Appeal.

    The Canada and Bermuda Territory was placed in a partnership group that included Germany, Spain, Mexico, Liberia, Tanzania, Hong Kong and Macau, and Singapore, Malaysia and Myanmar. Since then, Partners in Mission has highlighted each of these territories, provided funding support for projects and encouraged several short-term mission team visits.

    Beginning in 2012, we will be partnered with a new group of territories, which includes some territories from our first grouping but adds the opportunity to develop new relationships. The Germany and Lithuania Territory (which includes Poland) will continue as one of our partners as will the Liberia Command (which includes Sierra Leone). Although the issues within each of these territories are significantly different, both are grant-aided territories requiring financial support from the international Salvation Army.

    Our group will also include Latin America North, Zimbabwe and Malawi. The two African countries will be familiar to some as we have sent short-term and long-term personnel to assist the Army's work. The Latin America North Territory includes Cuba, which has been supported by short-term mission teams from the Ontario Central-East Division.

    While the Canada and Bermuda Territory responds to needs in more than 30 countries, we are privileged to support these five partner territories in prayer and the sharing of our resources.

    Major Gillian Brown is the director of world missions, THQ.

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