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    Army Magazines Win 10 Awards

    Salvationist and Faith & Friends magazines recognized by Canadian Church Press. June 4, 2012
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    At the 2012 Canadian Church Press Awards held in Toronto this past May, Salvation Army magazines received 10 awards for excellence. Salvationist garnered three awards, and Faith & Friends seven, a record showing for the magazine. The Canadian Church Press includes representatives from more than 75 member publications, including mainline, Catholic and evangelical churches. The awards were judged by a panel of accomplished journalists and academics from the secular media.

    The following are a list of the awards along with descriptions and a sampling of the judges' comments.


    Colour Photo Spread—Magazine
    Second Place

    The Focal Point (July 2011)
    Julia Hosking profiles Salvationist and avid photographer Ian McKenzie, who believes in the power of the visual medium and recognizes that visual arts can deepen our personal and corporate worship.

    “Technically the photos are great. The use of light in the different conditions is very good. Nice selection of pictures to show the work of the photographer.”

    Biblical Interpretation
    Second Place

    Do Something! (November 2011)
    While we often feel helpless when faced with great needs such as poverty and injustice, Major Julie Slous argues that God calls us to take a fresh look at what we have to offer.

    “This well-written, well-referenced and persuasive piece succeeds in inserting a familiar gospel story into a current social context. As it helpfully sheds new light on an ancient scriptural passage, it also becomes a recipe for empowering Christians to do practical justice, especially when faced with heavy odds and seemingly finite resources.”

    Theological Reflection
    Third Place

    Doing Chicken Right (March 2011)
    Captain Rick Zelinsky offers insights for fellow pastors on how to combat church envy.

    “This well-written, imaginative article is strong on vivid images, insight and good sense. It seems to hit on a pervasive congregational sin: debilitating envy. There is a lively sense of humour throughout. The four paragraphs of suggestions for overcoming congregational and personal envy and lack of joy are clear and straightforward. Overall, this is intriguing wise and humorous. Its use of colloquial language, which almost anyone can understand, is excellent. The author's concern for Christians in general (not just Salvationists) is commendable. All in all, it is an appealing contribution.”

    Faith & Friends

    Biographical Profile—Magazine
    First Place

    No Limbs, No Limits (March 2011)
    Julia Hosking looks at the life of fellow Australian inspirational speaker Nick Vujicic, an inspirational speaker born without arms or legs, who is proof that courage and faith can overcome adversity.

    “Fascinating story. Loved reading about the experiences that formed this man; his moment of epiphany at 15. Great piece.”

    Colour Photo—Magazine
    First Place

    No Limbs, No Limits (March 2011)
    Photographers from the Life Without Limbs organization bring inspirational speaker Nick Vujicic to life in a series of remarkable photos, including one of him surfing.

    “This is an awesome picture from the water. Being there creates a great deal of difficulty. It is crisp, fun, and reflects the story in a very compelling way.”

    General Excellence—Specialized Magazine
    Second Place

    Faith & Friends January, February and March 2011
    Assistant Editor-in-Chief Geoff Moulton, Editor Ken Ramstead and Graphic Designer Brandon Laird are acknowledged for excellence in three consecutive issues.

    “Your covers are very engaging, using frank and warm images, compelling cover lines and a clean design that communicates lots without overwhelming your digest-size format. Nice uses of the space throughout – your designs have consistency without being boring. Your mix of stories in each issue is very lively – the individual testimonies are inspiring, the profiles interesting and the stories of ministry engaging – each of your lineups is a nice package. I feel your service to your stated mandate, “Inspiration for Living,” is bang-on. Good work!”

    Personal Experience—First Person Account
    Second Place

    Free on the Inside (December 2011)
    RJ writes about how—imprisoned, alone and depressed—he discovered his faith on Christmas Eve.

    “Straightforward language, a real story and a powerful message.”

    Feature Layout & Design—Magazine
    Third Place

    Seed of Hope (June 2011)
    Vivid photos vividly complement an article by Geoff Moulton on the Terence Malick movie The Tree of Life.

    “Beautiful imagery, supported by a clever layout (based on the division of the page into thirds). Good opener, that effectively depicts the story, and the line your writer wished to take through it. This is a very good layout with a pleasing, logical structure.”

    Third Place

    The Kids Are All Right (September 2011)
    Ken Ramstead profiles how a school project changed how a group of teens looked at the homeless in their midst.

    “The narrative structure is strong; the beginning of the idea, the progress of the teens, the suspense about the win; the meaning derived at the end. A good piece, with good, strong voices.”

    Honourable Mention

    Every Breath You Take (January 2011), Lost Weekend (April (2011) & Sophie's Choice (July 2011)
    Kathryn Mills and Gordon Fedack recount their spiritual journeys, while Ken Ramstead profiles how a Salvation Army summer camp transformed the life of one girl.

    “Clearly told, with focused narratives. Strong examples of personal journalism. Powerful content on the church's role in everyday lives. Each story has a 'face' and a focus and a clear theme. Strong reads, well-crafted and professionally presented.”

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