It is my hope by now that Salvationists will sense my personal conviction and passion for the mission and ministry of The Salvation Army in Canada and Bermuda. I believe that working together with obedient faith and engagement in God's mission in the world will lead to the extension of his Kingdom. God's hand of blessing is upon us and therefore, with confidence, we lead, serve and proclaim the gospel from a position of significant strength.

General Linda Bond's vision of One Army, One Mission, One Message provides a framework to centre our thoughts on specific essentials (see International Vision above). This vision brings into focus the essence of the Army's DNA and calls us to affirm our commitment with confidence. I want each of us to ask, What does it mean to be One Army sharing in One Mission proclaiming One Message?

As you reflect on this vision for The Salvation Army internationally, I am anxious to provide you with the territorial framework into which leadership across the territory has given input (see Territorial Priorities below). These priorities will help create broad strokes for planning and clear reference points for discussion. Our hope is that we will have a common language and vision focus for the immediate future.

Over the coming months you will see, read and hear more about what it means to share this banner of One Army, One Mission, One Message. I believe there are implications for every Salvationist and that our attention and engagement can unleash the outpouring of the Holy Spirit such as we have not seen in our time.

During a recent gathering of the territory's senior leaders, I felt prompted to articulate what I felt this vision plan looks like. As the territorial commander, I see:
• a Salvation Army that is spiritually on fire, where each Salvationist engages in God's mission in the world as a result of an expressed obedient faith in Christ;
• God's Kingdom here on earth flourishing because Kingdom outcomes are the goals of each corps and centre;
• an Army mobilized, sharing the central message of salvation for the whole world through living testimonies of discipled men, women and young people; and
• the Army, marching forward, as part of the Church of God against which the gates of Hell cannot prevail.

My prayer is that we can all see a God-raised, Spirit-filled Army for the 21st century, convinced of our calling and moving forward together. As the General has written in reference to the worldwide prayer focus: “Imagine Salvationists crying out to God day and night in every country. Imagine officers and soldiers, young and old, living holy lives. Imagine bold and adoptive initiatives flowing out of prayer rooms and holy hearts.”

I ask you to join with me in prayer, reflection and action, and to consider the possibilities of an Army fully under God's command. I ask that you not dismiss yet another logo or set of words but rather identify through obedient faith the hope that it offers.

One Army, One Mission, One Message. May this be our goal as we build upon our rich heritage, core values and deep sense of God's continued calling on the Army.

Commissioner Brian Peddle is the territorial commander of the Canada and Bermuda Territory.


Territorial Priorities

One Army
We will focus on …
• spiritual renewal
› prayer initiatives/emphasis
› sacramental living
› covenant lifestyle
› holy living

• leadership development
› strategy for candidate recruitment
› employee recruitment and development
› officer and lay leadership
› make succession planning a cultural norm
› utilization of all resources in increasing our capacity to serve

One Mission
We will focus on …
• social justice
• children and youth
• integrated mission and ministry (through our corps and social

One Message
We will focus on …
• the gospel and transformation
• discipleship


On Sunday, June 23, 2013, Capt Milfred Harper said:

I am so sorry to hear about the General retiring and I would like to see some changes in the Army.
As a Soldier and uniform Salvationist I would be will to do more work with the officers to help them out so the officer will not get burned out, and if every corp etc had a person to work in the army with
the officers then the officers would not get burned out and keep their marriages together.

We should be allowed to buy from the Salvation Army in the United States or else get it in our trade.

I believe that the officers should be allowed to bid on their corps etc, because children have to move
and having to work in a Catholic School, we do have the Lord Jesus Christ and have been in public school where i don't know what happens, outside of drugs , sex, etc.

The reason for the officers picking their places is because some have started a tremendous work in the community and is reaching the lost.

The Peace of Jesus Christ will be with each and every Christian.

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