I write to inform you that General Linda Bond is entering into retirement.

Following a period of personal reflection and prayer, General Bond has decided that she should relinquish the Office of the General with effect from June 13, 2013. The General's decision to step down comes after 44 years of ministry.

As is required by our constitution, contained in the Salvation Army Act 1980, the Chief of the Staff will perform the functions of the General pending the election of a new General.

The Chief of the Staff will also shortly be calling a High Council to elect the new General. A further announcement regarding that High Council will be made in due course.

General Bond, who holds a Bachelor's degree in Religious Education and a Master's degree in Theological Studies, entered the training college in Canada as a cadet in 1967 and was commissioned as an officer two years later. She spent the following nine years in corps appointments, before being appointed first as a member of the training staff at the College for Officer Training in Toronto and then as Territorial Candidates Secretary. She returned to corps ministry, becoming Commanding Officer of the Kitchener Corps, before serving at the College for Officer Training in St. John's, Newfoundland, as Assistant Training Principal, Divisional Secretary of the Maritime Division and Divisional Commander of the same division.

In 1995 she was appointed to International Headquarters in London as Under Secretary for Personnel. She remained in the United Kingdom, transferring to the UK Territory as Divisional Commander, Central North Division, in 1998. A return to Canada came just over a year later, when she was appointed as Chief Secretary, Canada and Bermuda Territory.

In July 2002 she was appointed to the USA Western Territory, where she served as Territorial Commander and Territorial President of Women's Ministries. She returned to International Headquarters in 2005, as Secretary for Spiritual Life Development and International External Relations.

In 2008 she became Territorial Commander of the Australia Eastern Territory. She was elected to The Salvation Army's most senior office in January, 2011.

We pray God's blessing upon General Linda Bond as she enters retirement.

Yours sincerely,

André Cox


On Wednesday, May 25, 2022, Zandile Mkhize said:

She was Spirit filled, I was born in the Salvation Army but for the first time in my christian life I felt the tangible presence of God when she prayed in South Africa at a Commissioning and Ordination ceremony....I wanted to meet her personality. I hope one day we will meet. God bless the Army

On Friday, July 12, 2013, Bonnie Breeden said:

Maybe I was misreading some of the comments made concerning the "why" of the General's retirement, which was my concern. God knows "why" He led the General to retire - remember, she said "after prayer and personal reflection" she made the decision to retire. Because God knows, I just need to pray for her and for the future of the Army, and then believe His will will be done. The "why" is in His hands.

Salvationists, lets keep praying for General Linda Bond, the High Council, the next General, and all the officers in the world who are struggling personally and for the cause of Christ.

On Friday, July 12, 2013, Lieutenant(N) Shayne Stanton, CD said:

As a retired Canadian Navy Officer who has volunteered with the Salvation Army off and on since 2006 and a member of the Corps in Winnipeg and Spryfield and now Abbotsford. I want to wish the General all the best as she enters retirement, I am sorry I did not get a chance to meet her as General but hopefully I will get the chance at some point to meet her. She is a true inspiration to Salvationists around the world and here in her homeland of Canada.

On Sunday, June 30, 2013, Ira E. Barrow said:

I seem to gather the trend that it is not the fact that the General retired that concerns most Salvationists. We, as Salvationists (many of us at least), are not too taken up with "why" the General retired but we are a little troubled about how her retirement was handled-- announced. That still remains a concern.

But Salvationists will remain faithful and rally around the next LEADER(s) God has for His Army. It was ever thus and shall continue that way. I've met Salvationists from all over the world and they wear the uniform as a witness because they and their comrades believe God raised the Army and shoulder-to-shoulder they will march on in faith behind the yellow, red and blue!

God bless The Salvation Army! Army of God! Onward....!

On Friday, June 28, 2013, Beth Julien said:

Some people say, "Never mind why General Linda Bond retired so abruptly, it's all about getting on with the Army's work". True, we want to continue the world-wide Mission, but is it not at the heart of the Mission, to be concerned about the individuals within it? I sincerely hope we do care what happened, that it does matter why she stepped down. We, as an organization, are Christian people; Christians, especially Salvationists are caring people by our very DNA. We feel it when anyone becomes sidelined in this world, and surely all the more so, when it’s one of our own. Yes, we want the Lord's work in the Army to continue - AND – we care about a leader/officer/sister in the Lord and her well-being. Two linked subjects - equally worth our attention and prayers.

On Friday, June 28, 2013, Diana Board said:

To Ret. General Bond and those who say she owes an explanation on her decision to retire early, I say - NO - she does not. There is only One to whom she needed to talk with and she did - she prayed to Him.
This could not have been an easy decision.
We need to standby her, accept her decision, and pray for her.
Whatever the reason(s), I pray that God will hold her in His gentle embrace and comfort her during this difficult time. I will continue to pray for her and wish her health, happiness and peace.

From the State of Indiana - U.S.A.

On Thursday, June 27, 2013, Judith Mutangirwa said:

Sad news indeed! Looked forward to the Territorrial Congress in July in the Midlands but God had other plans. I'm a bona fide Salvationist and I do agree with Brian Adams ant others that there should have been a statement at least from the former General herself. I respect her decision and I believe it was inspired by the Lord. But Salvationists are a family and General Linda Bond should have explained to us the reason for such a haste decision. It even helps us understand our church leadership better. But to me now....the General remains an enigma. I never had a chance to meet her and now learn of her retirement a few weeks before I'm scheduled to meet her! Yes she might not be compelled by any law to offer a statement, but I feel she owes Salvationists a statement. May God help us to accept her decision and inspire the High Council in the selection of a successor. Best wishes to Chief of Staff too as he fills the gap.

On Tuesday, June 25, 2013, Jane Archer said:

I have found the discussion quite interesting. Speak your mind ... I am a retired office who has been incredibly wounded by fellow officers. Have those who wounded me been held to a higher standard? No.

Whether Linda Bond chooses to tell us why she decided to retire really is not the question. The question more relevant is, "Linda are you leaving with a clear conscience before God?"

To those officers involved in my wounding, "Do you have a clear conscious before God?" To all of us, "Do we have a clear conscience before God?"

Linda, God bless in your retirement.

On Monday, June 24, 2013, Ira E. Barrow said:

John Comfort may hope, even expect General Bond to eventually speak publicly about her retirement. But it is very unlikely. Now that General Bond is officially retired she in under no obligation to say anything. In fact, any official announcement would likely have to come from the Chief of the Staff, as did the initial announcement because by then the General had announced, to him her immediate retirement. Of course she could have and some will say "should have" made a public announcement before retiring. Since she chose not to any other announcement is likely tied to Army procedures, maybe even British law. That is because unlike all other officers who received their appointments from superior officers, the General is elected to office by his/her peers-- members of the High Council.

How much that august group will influence any decision requiring the Chief of the Staff to make any announcement is an unknown factor right now. We;ll just have to wait and see.

As sad as we all feel and as frustrated as many people feel, it is now our responsibility to pray for the High Council, the new General, and The Salvation Army. Yes, and pray especially for Linda Bond.

On Saturday, June 22, 2013, John Comfort said:

I have enjoyed the privilege of serving as a Salvation Army Soldier for the past 44 years. I was converted to Christ when I was 26. I have always wished everyone well whom I have met serving the SA in any capacity whatever, but as an American citizen and a believer in democracy, I cannot hold that any individual should be above public criticism. Attempts to whitewash or "cover-up" people's mistakes or motivations seems to be invariably counterproductive to the reputation of an individual, or an organization. In the calculated absence of transparency, it is natural for people to suspect the worst, and the Truth will always be made manifest eventually in any event. We must remember that Christ said He was The Truth, and we need to honor truth in all things.
I surely would not imply anything negative about Linda Bond. I have no reason to. I do think, however, she needs to make some public statement about what appears to be an irregularity in her appointment, At this point, I think she eventually will. John Comfort

On Thursday, June 20, 2013, Fred-Roger Evensen major. rt / Norway said:

Dear General.
It is with sorrow I hear you will retired now, but I respect Your decision and wish you all goodnes and blessing in futures.
I still remember Your preaching and good spirit when you visit Our congress in Norway / Hamar
Thank you

On Thursday, June 20, 2013, Brian Adams said:

Well, Bonnie, one of the (many) reasons I am a Salvationist is because in the Salvation Army we do not have any kind of a doctrine of infallibility of our leaders. I believe that it is possible to be a faithful, loyal Salvationist, to love our leaders, to support our leaders, to pray for our leaders, and to believe that God uses our leaders to fulfill his purposes without buying into the notion that our leaders are never wrong, never make mistakes, or are necessarily above criticism. Not only do I hold this to be true but in some sense I feel that we OWE it to our leaders to hold them to a high degree of accountability.

Having said that, I would ask the reader to review my original message and please take note of the fact that in fact I have not in any way suggested the General has done anything wrong. I have suggested that it would be a mistake on her part not to leave her people with some final word of farewell on her departure from office, and I continue to believe that this is not an unreasonable expectation. Obviously the General will do what she feels is for the best under the circumstances, but if I were in a position to offer her a word of personal advice, this is what it would be. I feel that Salvationists such as Perkins from Zimbabwe (see above) or my friends in the Middle East or those in other parts of our Army world who were eagerly anticipating sitting under General Bond's ministry are deserving of at least that much.

On Wednesday, June 19, 2013, Ira E. Barrow said:

Walter Boland gives the other side of the issue of what or what should not be said about General Bond's unexpected retirement announcement. And it is worth serious thought.

When I was but a wee lad, about 70 years ago, an officer came to our corps and she was a dynamic speaker. When she "was on to preach" on Sunday nights the hall was packed. A wise old soldier, Uncle Henry, testified one night: "A lot of you people come to hear the Captain because she is a good preacher. I come to hear her because she is a good person."

That is how I felt about Linda Bond from the time I heard her speak at a Candidate's Seminar when I was Editor of Youth Publications, 40 years ago. My mother-in-law heard Linda speak when she was about 14 years old (a corps cadet) and there was something power, about her and her words, even back in those early days,

Take heart comrades, we have not yet heard the last word from our respected General Bond.

On Wednesday, June 19, 2013, walter boland said:

ref.some of the comments suggesting that there ought to be some statement or a degree of transparency as to why Linda Bond did what she did and why she did it, originates in a Peter mentality...in
John 21:21,22,23.Peter seemed to suggest that Jesus ought to be more transparent about John,Jesus graciously replied..Peter,that's none of your business...In her statement,Linda Bond stated that AFTER PERSONAL REFLECTION and PRAYER(TALKING TO GOD)SHE WAS LED TO DO WHAT SHE DID...If God had told her she must make her reason for stepping down known to
all salvationist,she would have followed His directive...because that would have satisfied our
inquisitiveness...She stated it was PERSONAL..WHY NOT LEAVE HER DECISION AS SUCH..

walter boland ret'd csm

On Wednesday, June 19, 2013, Bonnie Breeden said:

I must speak out again.

Who is wanting to know why General Linda Bond chose to retire? Are you Salvationists, and as Salvationists why do you need to know why? Will it help you worship God more? Will it help in your ministry?

Why are you a Salvationist? Is it because of who leads the Army? Well, as far as I am concerned God leads the Army. Yes, we need human leadership, but I believe because God leads the Army and it is He who chooses the leadership.

Yes, I am disappointed that General Linda Bond retired. Yes, I don't always agree with leadership, but who am I to question the leading of the Lord. Who are you to question and why do you need answers?

On Tuesday, June 18, 2013, Wayne Thompson said:

In the spirit of "speaking my mind" and out of genuine concern for all things connected to this story, The Salvation Army, worldwide Salvationists, as well as, General Bond, I have to express agreement with some of the earlier comments made on this article.

Leading an organization of the scale and scope of The Salvation Army has to be a very daunting responsibility. We've all seen how it has taken a physical toll on previous generals. So our prayers and deepest respect goes out to any and all leaders who allow themselves to stand in nomination as General and then serve our Army in that capacity.

In addition to leading in the ministry of the Army, I believe the person holding this office also bears the responsibility for much of the international image of the Army. A key component to this must be that of transparency. So, I want to express my agreement with Brian Adams, Keith Pond and Ira Barrow before me and highlight the need for the Army to be transparent and forthcoming on this matter. Of course, transparency can be achieved without compromising any appropriate degrees of privacy. Whatever the reasons are behind this sudden and immediate retirement announcement, the optics are less than ideal. I believe some kind of statement from IHQ is required here in order to end speculation and suspicion, while at the same time, recognizing and respecting the appropriate degree of privacy. If this is a very personal and private matter which has no reflection or impact on the ministry of the Army then assurance of this needs to be given. I don't think any Salvationist assumes the right to know personal details on things that are intensely and strictly private about General Bond. However, if the reasons for this retirement decision are not private and personal, in that sense, then I cannot think of any other reason which would not require some kind of explanation or comment from IHQ. To think otherwise would be giving the appearance that public perception, support and confidence is not important to the Army, which of course is certainly not the case.

Having said all this, I believe in and support the very capable leadership of the Army at every level and, in this particular case, I believe the Army will do the right thing.

On Tuesday, June 18, 2013, Ira E. Barrow said:

Keith Pond's suggested solution is interesting but likely impossible, without some changes to British Law. The High Council, a group of international leaders, based on their administrative positions, was established in 1904 by William Booth. In some ways it may be said that the High Council is "operating 24/7."

However, the High Council is called together for such things at the election of a General when a General retires, dies, or leaves office. Or, God-forbid,, when a General has to be removed from office.The High Council is called together by the Chief of the Staff. The procedure is in accordance with British Law that has been amended several times since 1904.and has served the Army well.

As to the length of time the Chief of the Staff is allowed to carry out the functions of the General before calling the High Council together I am not sure. There are provisions fort other options but they are to detailed to discuss here.

The initial law, in 1904, was only about the removal of a General from office, since at that time the Deed Poll of The Salvation Army allowed the General to select a successor. The 1929 crisis involving Bramwell Booth who was away from his office for about half a year due to illness (see John Larsson's book, "1929") led to a change that required future Generals to be elected by the High Council.

I believe we are benefactors of the God-given wisdom of William Booth and ALL of his successors.

The Army is of God! Raised by God and sustained by God! Nevertheless, like the rest of the church universal, there is a "fallen-humanity" presence-- hence our need for constant and sincere prayer.

On Tuesday, June 18, 2013, Keith Pond said:

Linda Bond's abrupt retirement is unfortunate and given the ambiguity of the IHQ announcement we can assume there is more to the story. Without full disclosure there will be rumours and speculation. Transparency and dealing with an issue head on is always best.

However, she was God's chosen leader of The Salvation Army for over 2 years, was elected by over 100 of her peers, and has served God through The Salvation Army for 44 years. She is still a young woman and will now have the ability to pursue other avenues of service. God will continue to use her in retirement.

Rather than convene a High Council, it would seem more efficient to let Andre Cox become General until his retirement age, to allow for continuity and minimal operational interruption.

On Tuesday, June 18, 2013, S. Chikuyo said:

Everything that God does is perfect. We look forward to your continued inspirational messages.

On Monday, June 17, 2013, Perkins said:

This is depressing news for us in Zim because we were looking forward to meeting her soon, however we will continue to pray for the Retired General and Commissioner Andre Cox.

On Sunday, June 16, 2013, Mona Haskell (R.S/L) said:

Prayers are soaring hevenward, on General Bond's behalf.
After reading several of the 'comments' I would like to say "who are we to question the
General's decision?"

As a friend of General Bond, I look forward to your continued exceptiol messages,
awseome personality, friendship, and know there is no heights to which you can sore!

Blessings to you! You will be most welcome wherever you travel
in the future.

"There's never been a mouontain that God could not move it
There's never been a single thing that God could not do it."
Just when you think you've come to the end

Blessing and Prayful support to you my friend!!

On Sunday, June 16, 2013, Aluice Chani said:

No no no guys bt why ?we where fully prepared to meet our General here in Zimbabwe jus a few days to come,i can say itwas supose to be on the 4th day of July 2013 where i my self was in great hope that God's word was going to be ministered at length and many souls where going to be saved and healed, ok when God planned anything he fulfill ,thats what he planned anyway God bless our leaders let them do your job with a call from you . I hope this retirement was not human initiative ,ifso ,shame to the soul that cz such separation .Linda ,may God guide you all your way and everything u do .(CYS)

On Sunday, June 16, 2013, marinus huizinga said:

General Linda Bond is a woman full vision, about the
Salvation Army in the operation by the Holy Spirit on
international level.She gives The Salvation Army a new
face for more and more Gospel in the basic operations
of the Army in this time.Saved to be saved is the word
and aktion in the name of Jesus.General bond has this
good understand.and i think Jesus gives a platform
to work out the vision of the HOLY ONE.
Thanks to The Lord and Thanks to General Linda Bond.
Marinus Huizinga.

On Saturday, June 15, 2013, Diana Board said:

I am saddened to learn of the retirement of General Linda Bond. My sister, Major Londa Board, is a retired officer with over 68 years service to God. I was lucky to be with her in St. Louis for the recent council and commissioning of the most recent cadets. I was so taken with General Bond's kindness and humbleness. Her messages all weekend were so uplifting and inspirational and full of hope for ourselves as individuals and the Salvation Army as a whole. She will be missed. I wish her health, happiness and peace in your retirement. May God bless her.

On Saturday, June 15, 2013, Ira E. Barrow said:

Brothers & Sisters:

I, like thousands of Salvationists world-wide, have deep admiration for General Linda Bond. Certainly, as other commentators suggest, we should all be in prayer for her, for Commissioner Cox and for the international Army. Thousands of prayers have already soared heavenward, I'm sure. And among those Salvationists praying ardently is the General herself.

Having said all that (and since the title of these comments is SPEAK YOUR MIND) I feel compelled to ask, doesn't Brian Adams make a valid point?

In the Canadian political arena these days we are hearing a lot about transparency. Taking that to a higher plain, is any less required here? Salvationists do not need all the details, but as Brian suggests just a simple, brief statement. That would help us move on with "the war" God has called us to, through our first General.

Maybe such a response is unwise and unwarranted. "The person(s) responsible for making the call" will seek God's guidance and do what is best for God and the Army. Of that I am confident.

Now may God's people (and not only the High Council members but all Salvationists) pray fervently and frequently, pleading with God to pour wisdom down on members of the High Council.

And all us Under The Flag shout: GOD BLESS THE GENERAL!

On Saturday, June 15, 2013, Brian Adams said:

Having considered this strange and unforeseen turn of events as carefully as I can, I feel that with all due respect it is incumbent upon General Bond to make some kind of personal statement to her people. Acknowledging that there may be (unquestionably are) some deeply personal reasons behind her decision, and respecting her entitlement to a certain amount of privacy, I nevertheless feel that there needs to be some acknowledgement on her part of the impact of her decision on her global family.

Also, while I have read many expressions of prayerful support for General Bond, which is quite right and proper, there is another officer in the middle of the events of the past few days who is equally needful of our support and prayers, and that is, of course, Commissioner Cox, the Chief of the Staff, who will have to accept responsibility for the leadership of our world wide army pending the summoning of the High Council. May God grant him strength and wisdom.

On Friday, June 14, 2013, Joanne Blackmore said:

Dear General Bond. Please be assures my prayers are with you as you make the transition into retirement. God has used you to serve this world of ours and we know much was accomplished through your leadership. Personal regards to you and I look forward to seeing you in Canada sometime. Blessings and peace be with you!

On Friday, June 14, 2013, Concerned said:

Why so sudden?

The financial cost to the Army of summoning yet another High Council so shortly after her election in todays difficult economic climate is surely an expense I am certain the Army would rather not incur at this time.

I am certain the General made this decision a matter of prayer and obviously sought the Lord's guidance and blessing. The Army's consitution does provide for the Chief of the Staff to perform the functions of the office until a new General is elected, and we will march forward under his capable leadership until the position is properly filled.

But it all seems quite surreal.

On Friday, June 14, 2013, Ebenezer (Asokore Youth Leader) said:

Oh what a work mummy ,friend n sister hv offered. God Bless u with favour. Amen

On Friday, June 14, 2013, Doug Dalrymple said:

General Linda Bond was a great inspiration throughout the Global Army. Loved her vision of One Army, One Mission and One Message through her Ministry as the leader in the last couple of years. The time has come that General Linda Bond has made a decision to step into Retirement and we as Salvationist must respect her decision because God has something else in store for us. Let us as Faithful Salvationist pray for the High Council through this transition and pray for General Linda Bond as well.

On Friday, June 14, 2013, Jemima said:

May God bless General Linda Bodn for her wonderful leadership.

On Friday, June 14, 2013, Chet Emmons said:

She was a wonderfully talented and Godly women and a tremendous spirit filled leader with a clear vision of One Message, One Ministry, One Army... You will be greatly missed General Linda.. God bless and keep you, make His face shine upon you, and be gracious unto you.... and give you peace...

On Friday, June 14, 2013, Paul Wilson said:

I work in a volunteer role at the Farmington, (MI) corps.

I was so deeply moved by her simple, forthright message in the message of the Gospel, the Resurrection, and Holiness!

I thought, "Yes! This reflects my upbringing at the knees of a Godly Salvationist, Madgel (Howard) Wilson, who eventually gave her life for the Gospel in South Africa.

She reared me on Samuel Logan Brengle, and named my sister after Evangeline Booth, and my brother after a Victor Miln at a Salvation Army Corps in Mt. Frere, South Africa.

The Message of the Gospel, Resurrection, and Holiness have not changed! It is still the Power we have available to us today!

If you read this, General Bond, (I know you'll get a lot), just know you are appreciated!

Paul Wilson
Farmington, MI, USA

On Friday, June 14, 2013, walter boland said:

WOW...many of us are sadden and disappointed at the General's stepping DOWN ...God moves in mysterious ways and this is one such...if this is God's doing who are we to question it....We believe God entrusted the Generalship of The Salvation Army to Linda Bond for a Purpose and having Fulfilled That Purpose in what appears to our rational as a short period...He is about to USE HER just as EFFECTIVELY in Retirement...RETIREMENT in the Spiritual context must not be equated as INACTIVE...GOD'S ANOINTING REMAINS ON HER and THAT ANOINTING IS FILLED WITH SURPRISES EVEN IN RETIREMENT...
We Love you Linda and God Loves you and THAT'S THE WAY IT SHOULD BE..

walter boland ret'd csm

On Friday, June 14, 2013, amanda said:

lm so touched....we wer preparing to attend a congress with her in an Africa and now a retirement!!!praise be to God for we plan and he makes decisions

On Thursday, June 13, 2013, Sherrill Hetherington said:

What a loss to the Salvation Army. General Linda Bond is an awesome woman. A woman of integrity and wisdom.

On Thursday, June 13, 2013, Bonnie Breeden said:

I was thanking God for the opportunity to attend Congress in St Louis and listen to the General before today's news, but now I am even more grateful. General Bond I hope you read our comments. God has used you to bless and to challenge us. I don't think anyone who heard your messages this weekend could have left without being affected in some way. You will continue to be remembered in prayer. I know God's purposes are being fulfilled, even if we don't understand. We must now be in prayer for the next General. We want revival!!!!

On Thursday, June 13, 2013, MARIANNE TZAUT-BERNER said:

WHAT A TERRIBLE NEWS...but , she has the right to retire, after all what she gave to the Army and us through these past 44 years as an Officer. I THOUGHT THAT THIS WOULD AT LEAST BE POSTPONED FOR A YEAR OR TWO....We have been so blessed by your messages, your friendship, your dedication to God and the Army..THANK YOU GENERAL, I salute you !

On Thursday, June 13, 2013, Crystal Wilkinson said:

General Bond's holiness teaching was instrumental in confiming my call to officership. I always have enjoyed listening to her speak and respect her leadership. She will be greatly missed and I wish her well as she continues to seek God's direction for her life.

On Thursday, June 13, 2013, Major Georgann Giudice said:

It was wonderful to be under the ministry of General Bond this past week in St Louis, Missouri, USA, the US Central Congress and Commissioning. The General was truely filled to overflowing by the Holy Spirit. Her words from God were clear and simple for all. What a great outpouring was ours to share. I thank God for her and all she has meant to The Salvation Army.

The Lord bless the Generl as she steps down. The Lord bless and guide as The Salvation Army goes through the selection of a new General. Prepare the hearts and minds of our leaders as they begin to contemplate who that should be. God bless your Salvation Army. We often like to call it "our" Army but as General Bond remined us this past week end, we are YOUR ARMY.

On Thursday, June 13, 2013, Carol A Whitaker said:

Sure hate to hear this. Watched her livesteam last week-end when she was in the Central Territory for Commissioning. The General was such a blessing and I could feel the spirit as I sat in front of my computer. Wishing her God's speed as she enters into a different phase of her life.

On Thursday, June 13, 2013, Pamela Nickell said:

She is a wonderful lady & I have known her for 24yrs - She is great leader, and the foundations that she has set down during her duration as General will be the foundation of a stronger Salvation Army for the future of all Salvationists around the world.

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