Commissioner André CoxChief of the Staff
International Headquarters

Date of birth: 12 July 1954

Nationality: British/Swiss

Home corps: Genève 1, Switzerland & Austria Territory

Commissioned: 25 May 1979

Married: Silvia Volet, 25 September 1976


Switzerland and Austria Territory
Corps (June 1979)

Zimbabwe Territory
PR (July 1987), THQ (June 1992)
Financial Secretary (April 1994)

Switzerland, Austria and Hungary Territory
Head of Communications Department (October 1997)
Business Administrator (February 2002)

Finland and Estonia Territory
Territorial Commander (July 2005)

Southern Africa Territory
Territorial Commander (October 2008)

United Kingdom Territory with the Republic of Ireland
Territorial Commander (May 2012)

International Headquarters
Chief of the Staff (February 2013)


Commissioner Kenneth HodderTerritorial Commander
Kenya West Territory

Date of birth: 16 June 1958

Nationality: American/British

Home corps: Pasadena Tabernacle, USA Western Territory

Commissioned: 12 June 1988

Married: Jolene Kay Lloyd, 10 June 1982


USA Western Territory
Corps (June 1988), Training College (July 1992), THQ (July 1993)

USA Southern Territory
Training College (July 1997) - additional appointment

International Headquarters
Congress Coordinator (July 1997)

USA Western Territory
General Secretary (September 2000)
Divisional Commander (February 2002)

Kenya Territory
Chief Secretary (March 2006)

Kenya East Territory
Chief Secretary (March 2008)

International Headquarters
International Secretary for Personnel &
Legal & Constitutional Adviser to the General (June 2009)

Kenya West Territory
Territorial Commander (January 2013)


Commissioner James KnaggsTerritorial Commander
USA Western Territory

Date of birth: 5 December 1950

Nationality: American

Home corps: Philadelphia (Roxborough), PA, USA Eastern Territory

Commissioned: 12 June 1976

Married: Carolyn Lance, 26 August 1972


USA Eastern Territory
Corps (June 1976), DHQ (December 1976), Corps (August 1980), DHQ (June 1983), THQ (January 1987), DHQ (June 1989), THQ (July 1992), DHQ (August 1996)
Divisional Commander (January 1999)
Territorial Secretary for Personnel (September 2000)
Chief Secretary (April 2003)

Australia Southern Territory
Territorial Commander (August 2006)

USA Western Territory
Territorial Commander (July 2010)


Commissioner Dick KrommenhoekTerritorial Commander
Norway, Iceland and The Færoes Territory

Date of birth: 18 June 1952

Nationality: Dutch

Home corps: Amsterdam, The Netherlands Territory

Commissioned: 27 May 1983

Married: Vibeke Schou Larsen, 2 September 1978


The Netherlands Territory
Corps (May 1983)
Territorial Music Secretary (February 1986)
Divisional Commander (September 1991)
Editor-in-Chief and Literature Secretary (March 1995)

Denmark Territory
Finance & Property Secretary (July 1997)
Chief Secretary (September 2000)
Territorial Commander (January 2001)

France Territory
Territorial Commander (November 2004)

International Headquarters
The General's Representative for Global Evangelisation (November 2006)

Finland and Estonia Territory
Territorial Commander (October 2008)

Norway, Iceland and The Færoes Territory
Territorial Commander (February 2013)


Commissioner Barry SwansonTerritorial Commander
USA Eastern Territory

Date of birth: 22 April 1950

Nationality: American

Home corps: Chicago (Mt Greenwood), IL, USA Central Territory

Commissioned: 11 June 1978

Married: Sue Miller, 15 June 1975


USA Central Territory
Corps (June 1977), DHQ (June 1990), Corps (July 1992), DHQ (June 1994)
Divisional Commander (August 1995)
Territorial Secretary for Programme (July 1999)
Chief Secretary (April 2003)

USA National Headquarters
National Chief Secretary (July 2006)

International Headquarters
International Secretary for Americas & Caribbean (July 2007)

USA Central Territory
Territorial Commander (October 2008)

International Headquarters
Chief of the Staff (May 2010)

USA Eastern Territory
Territorial Commander (February 2013)


On Monday, August 12, 2013, Captain Royal Senter said:

Hey Arnet, just thought you should know that Christine McMillan is retired.

It would have been nice to have seen someone nominated that is not a "first-world" white man. I don't pretend to know the leaders around the world but I cannot imagine that there is no one from the third world that would be a potential world leader, especially given that the Army is growing most in the third world.

On Friday, August 9, 2013, Vimbai Zinyama said:

I basically think that when one leader is chosen among a lot of many it does not make him better than the rest but that God has specific role for him to play . I believe that God plays a key role and that what we see is not what he sees and our priorities and standards are different from his . Out of all these leaders he has given to us the leader of the moment for the global army and not just a territory or individuals . We have a duty to pray for these leaders and those that are going to continue with the work of the lord in various territory . The world needs the army more and the world needs God in the turbulent and stressful environment we are in and if we keep ourselves focused on that by His Grace we will conquer . Amen

On Wednesday, August 7, 2013, Arnet Hales said:

I can only imagine! Christine McMillian should have been nominated. She has all the experience both in Canada and The Bermuda Territories, and has great experience in the international scene, both in New York and in Papua New Ginea (poor spelling-not important), and both in Justice and Woman's ministries. If not this time, perhaps the next. Sorry Christine, one of these times...

On Monday, August 5, 2013, Vimbai Zinyama said:

I believe that these are the persons whom God has placed before us to pray for because out of them God wants to anoint a leader . If any one of them has shortcomings God is going to fill the gap because he qualifies the chosen. I pray that at this time when the world is hungry for peace may we have those that are anointed and inspired to work for it so we can bring hope to the hopeless and feel empty hands with work , empty stomachs with food and empty hearts with faith..............

On Saturday, August 3, 2013, Bev Smith-Trim said:

In this modern age is it necessary for so many people to fly to London? Why not video conference? Everyone ridicules the Catholic Church for wasting money to elect a Pope, but this event is also a huge waste of money that could be better spent on the needy.
I look forward to the day that the Army elects someone who has been active in the field for a long time and has more down to earth experience to bring to the position. There are too many administrative positions now and much potential for one to one ministry is lost in "red tape".

On Saturday, August 3, 2013, David Grindle said:

Berry is a fine Christain gentleman, but it is important for the leader of the Army to have international experience, which the now General Cox has in abundance. Berry's is limited to The United Kingdom. We must also look at what the candidates have accomplished in their years of ministry. The number of years of service in a particular field of work are not an indication of a candidatesa affectiveness in promoting the mission of the Army.

On Saturday, August 3, 2013, Shayne Stanton said:

The more suitable candidate for General should have been either Commissioner Barry Swanson, he has had way more Corps Appointments then the others except for Commissioner Knaggs who these two men had have the same amount of Corps Appointments. Salvation Army is about helping the poor and needy and as well ministering to all but it seems that for the most part the new General has been not much more than a Bureaucrat, I am sure he is a very good person, he has served as the Chief of Staff for a bit but I think that he needs more Corps experience to be a better General.

On Friday, August 2, 2013, Sergei Zhuravlov said:

Yes, too many staff appointments and it seems that there was little participation in the ordinary corps work.

On Friday, August 2, 2013, Jeffrey Kirkey said:

I totally agree. Very disappointing that each of these candidates for general in our Lords army seem to only have one or two Corps appointments. Being that social service work is so crucial to what we do in the army. I believe that hands on training would be invaluable experience for these candidates.with all that said I will be praying for each and every candidate for direction. I will also being praying for the high council to have clarity and wisdom in there choice for General. May God bless each and everyone of you.

On Thursday, August 1, 2013, Chris Marsh said:

I would assume that 'Corps' would mean one appointment. That being said, all have only had one or two corps appointments. Bit disappointing really.

On Thursday, August 1, 2013, Robert Sessford said:

I am disappointed with the lack of details in the profiles. Each of the candidates were appointed to "corps" after training college. But there is no mention of how many corps (if there were more than one), nor what type of corps, nor whether there was any social service ministry connected to the corps. It would seem that the most relevent experience to understanding the grass roots issues of the Army is given the least attention; both in the fast-tracking of the candidates and the reporting in this article.

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