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  • Oct29Tue

    Cadets Receive Winter Assignments

    Assignments help cadets develop leadership skills. October 29, 2013
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    Every year, cadets from the College for Officer Training (CFOT) travel to different towns and cities across the Canada and Bermuda Territory for a Christmas assignment.  They will arrive at their placements on December 10 and conclude on December 23.  During these 12 days of intensive ministry, they hone their leadership skills and competencies.  This year, the assignments are as follows:


    Sarah Braye

    Cadet Sarah Braye
    Peace River Community Church, AB & NT


    Juan Chirinos and Indira Albert

    Cadets Juan Chirinos and Indira Albert
    Kelowna Community Church, BC


    Shawna Goulding

    Cadet Shawna Goulding
    Ottawa Citadel & SA ministries partnership, ONCE


    Dae Gun Kim and Aejin Jeong

    Cadets Dae-Gun Kim and Aejin Jeong
    North Toronto Community Church, ONCE


    Ryan MacDonald

    Cadet Ryan MacDonald
    Nipawin – Circuit with Tisdale and Melfort SK, PR


    Norman and Crystal Porter

    Cadets Norman and Crystal Porter
    Dartmouth Community Church and Halifax Centre of Hope, MAR


    Devin and Laurie Reid

    Cadets Devin and Laurie Reid
    Charlottetown Community Church, PEI


    Daniel and Bhreagh Rowe

    Cadets Daniel and Bhreagh Rowe
    Saint John Hope Community Church, MAR


    Randy and Cathy Shears

    Cadets Randy and Cathy Shears
    Whitby Community Church, ONCE


    Barrett family

    Cadets Keith and Charlene Barrett (along with Sarah and Phillip)
    Chatham/Kent Ministries, ONGL


    Bolduc family

    Cadets Yves Bolduc and Vivian Mag-aso (and son Mark)
    Sudbury Community Church, ONGL


    Michelle Cale

    Cadet Michelle Cale
    St. John's Citadel, NL


    David and Lorenda Dale

    Cadets Lorenda and David Dale
    Yellowknife Corps & NWT Resource Centre, AB & NT


    Donna Downey

    Cadet Donna Downey
    Yarmouth Community Church, MAR


    Ian and Donna Rabourn

    Cadets Ian and Donna Rabourn
    Peterborough Temple, ONCE


    Stephanie Sawchuk

    Cadet Stephanie Sawchuk
    Bermuda Ministries


    Samuel Tim

    Cadet Samuel Tim
    Grand Prairie Community Church and Community and Family Services, AB & NT


    Stephen and Rosalyn Toynton

    Cadets Stephen and Rosalyn Toynton
    Hillcrest Community Church, London ON


    On Tuesday, October 29, 2013, Shayne Stanton said:

    Good luck to all Cadets and especially to Cadets Norm and Crystal Porter. I attended Dartmouth when I lived there and am very familiar with the Center of Hope. You guys will do well out there.

    On Tuesday, October 29, 2013, Sandra said:

    God bless you all

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