For the 2013 Christmas kettle campaign, The Salvation Army and Grey Canada created three 15-second TV commercials that are appearing on networks across the country. Featuring a soup kitchen, thrift store and shelter, each commercial tells the public that “Your donation makes a difference.”

With all of the elements painted by hand and constructed of wood, metal or plastic, the scenes in each commercial tell a story of transformation. The first TV spot shows a man sitting on the street and looking hungry and dejected until he is brought inside and served a hot meal. In the second, a mother and child shiver in the cold until they receive warm winter clothing. In the third, a man is sleeping outside on a cardboard box until he wakes up in a warm bed. The transformation in each scene is triggered by a coin dropping into a Salvation Army Christmas kettle.

“We wanted to help people understand why they should give to The Salvation Army at Christmas,” says John McAlister, national director of marketing and communications. “Although our kettles are very visible, many Canadians don't know what The Salvation Army is about and may be reticent to give. These TV commercials not only catch people's attention, but also illustrate that the money given to The Salvation Army helps feed, clothe and shelter vulnerable people.”

In addition to English and French, the TV commercials were produced in Cantonese, Mandarin and Punjabi.

This year, the Army's iconic Christmas kettle will be hosted at more than 2,000 storefront, sidewalk and shopping mall locations across the territory.

“Our goal for this year's Christmas kettle campaign is to raise $21 million, which will allow us to provide direct, compassionate, hands-on service to any individual seeking assistance,” says Commissioner Brian Peddle, territorial commander.

In addition to the kettles found "on location" throughout the territory, people can donate online to a kettle in their area through As well, individuals and groups can host an online kettle and invite their family and friends by email to donate to the Army.

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