The Salvation Army's Toronto Grace Health Centre (TGHC) is one of four hospitals in Ontario that rank in the 90th percentile for providing high-quality care to patients and their families. The ranking is based on a comprehensive survey of employees and physicians by the National Research Corporation Canada (NRCC). The biannual survey found the hospital to be a “good, very good or excellent” place to work or practise.

“I was very pleased with the results,” says Marilyn Rook, TGHC's president and CEO. “It was an affirmation to myself and the management team that what we are doing is working. It shows that we're doing the right things for staff and patients.”

Rook notes that measuring the engagement of employees and physicians is an important aspect of enhancing hospital care and the staff and patient experience.

“If you have a staff who are happy, engaged and involved in decision making, you will ultimately have better patient care and satisfaction,” she says.

The data from this report will also help TGHC identify ways it can improve the hospital experience for everyone involved.

“We function in an environment of quality improvement,” Rook says. “We strive to do our best, and that's why we have to evaluate what we're doing on a regular basis.”

Located in downtown Toronto, TGHC is a 119-bed rehabilitation and palliative care facility with a 95-percent occupancy rate. Operating for more than 100 years, the hospital has 281 employees, 16 professional staff and 132 volunteers.


On Saturday, February 8, 2014, Jim Ellis said:

Congratulations to Toronto Grace Hospital staff and admin for continuing to improve on what has always been a place of healing, hope and compassionate care. Salvation Army hospitals have always been special places. It is too bad that so many have not been able to survive the changes in the health care industry in Canada.

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