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    Scouts Honour

    Northridge Scouts give Gifts of Hope March 11, 2014
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    World Missions

    In December of 2013, The Salvation Army World Missions received a gift from the Northridge Scouts in Newmarket.  The gift was a donation to the Gifts of Hope program, specifically for animal husbandry.  This is something that the Scouts have been doing for a number of years and they deserve the recognition and pat on the back for a job well done.  

    World Missions had the opportunity to speak with Ray Varkki, Scout Leader, and Norma Varkki, Assistant to the Property Secretary Ontario Central East Division, about the scouts and their willingness to participate in the fundraiser.  Normally, they would have a small generic gift exchange at their annual Christmas party that includes everyone, including the Scout leaders.  Rather than doing this, Norma approached the scouts back in 2007, when Gifts of Hope was launched, and asked the scouts if they really cared about these small gifts they receive and they replied with 'not really'.  Norma proposed the idea by showing them the Gifts of Hope poster and catalog.  She simply said instead of giving each other these small breakable dollar store gifts that just get shoved under your bed and forgotten about, what if we pool all of our money together and buy something that's long-lasting and can change a person's life. 

    The Salvation Army - World Missions- Scouts

    2013- Scouts and leaders send us their thumbs up to Gifts of Hope

    When asked about how they select their gift for Gifts of Hope, Norma told us that they consider all of the gifts, and then they sit and discuss how much money they think they can raise as a team.  They do this at the very beginning to create a goal for themselves.  They all have a discussion about which gift they'd like to buy; allowing each person to hear how they think the gift they'd like to give would benefit a family or a village.  Eventually, after some deliberation, they come to a consensus and make it their mission to raise the funds necessary to purchase that gift.

    World Missions recognizes the generosity of the scouts, the leaders and the families in Northridge.  Thank you for your gifts, your enthusiasm and your support to our international community! We look forward to your photos next year!

    Remember, Gifts of Hope is more than just a Christmas campaign.  Gifts of Hope is year round and is given to people as birthday gifts, Mother's and father's day gifts and even Easter.  This Easter, you can give the Gift of Hope.  Click on Gifts of Hope to the right and you can give your donation and receive an Easter themed gift enclosure card.  This card can be placed inside your Easter card to let your loved one know that their gift is giving the Gift of Hope.

    The Salvation Army - World Missions- Northridge Scout Group Photo-2010

    2010- Here's cookin' with you!  Scout's made this poster to send with their Gift of Hope; an Eco-Cooker.


    On Sunday, December 30, 2018, Donald Poaps said:

    I’ve been involved with Scouting out side of the Salvation Army. It was a surprise when I see most Corps do not have Guides or Scouting here in BC. The Corps are mostly empty. I see this as a tool of the Lord to reach out to our communities. I’m past my prime to sleep on the ground but there are Scouters/Guiders who have the training that could help restart getting new kids/families back into the Corps. Just my 00.02 worth


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