Majors Lorne and Barbara Pritchett, corps officers in Conception Bay South, N.L., were guest leaders for 90th anniversary celebrations at Corner Brook Temple, N.L. Using the theme Celebrating 90 Years of God's Goodness, weekend events kicked off on Friday evening with a movie for corps and community children, followed by a pizza party hosted by Jim and Sandy Randell for the corps' teens and university students from Belize who have been attending worship at the corps. In an open discussion time, Major Lorne Pritchett encouraged the young people to remain faithful to Jesus as they face skepticism about the Christian faith in the university environment.

On Saturday morning, 60 people participated in a prayer breakfast led by Major Barbara Pritchett. Darren Hancock's solo, People Need the Lord, and Wendy Woodland's Trust His Heart, enhanced the prayerful atmosphere.

One hundred and twenty attended the Saturday evening coffee house that featured corps and community vocalists and musicians, and a devotional message by Major Lorne Pritchett.

In his sermon on Sunday morning, Major Lorne Pritchett used the genealogy of Jesus to show how we are all links in the chain that God uses to accomplish his redemptive work in the world.

A celebration luncheon and historical photo presentation by Bernard Pollett, former corps sergeant-major, brought the weekend to a close.

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