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    Army Magazines and Website Win 17 Awards

    Salvationist, Faith & Friends and Foi & Vie, as well as, are recognized by Canadian Church Press. May 4, 2015
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    Territorial News
    At the 2015 Canadian Church Press Awards held in Toronto this past week, Salvation Army magazines and our website ( received 17 awards for excellence. Salvationist garnered eight awards, Faith & Friends three, Foi & Vie two and the website received four awards. The Canadian Church Press includes representatives from 59 member publications, including mainline, Catholic and evangelical churches. The awards were judged by a panel of accomplished journalists and academics from the secular media.

    Here are our winners:


    First Place: In-Depth Treatment of a News Story (Magazine)War and Peace by Kristin Ostensen (November 2014)
    First Place: Feature Photo (Black & White or Colour) — Mending Broken Hearts by Melissa Yue Wallace/Photo by Preemptive Love Coalition (Cody Fisher/Kendelyn Ouellette) (March 2014)
    Second Place: Biblical Interpretation — From the Realms of Glory by Major Cathie Harris, Donald E. Burke, Major Danielle Strickland and Nancy Turley (December 2014)
    Second Place: Interview — The Gathering Storm by Kristin Ostensen (September 2014)
    Second Place: Photo Essay (Black & White or Colour)An Open Door by Giselle Randall/Photos by Warren Pot (October 2014)
    Third Place: Column (Circulation Above 10,000) — Talking It Over by Dr. James Read and Dr. Aimee Patterson (March, May and September 2014)
    Third Place: Original Artwork (Magazine)What Kind of Salvationist Are You? by Kristin Ostensen/Illustrations by Zack Rock (June 2014)
    Third Place: Letter from the Editor — Love and Brokenness by Geoff Moulton (October 2014)

    Faith & Friends

    Second Place: Letter from the Editor — Moving On by Ken Ramstead (June 2014)
    Third Place: Feature (Non-Fiction) (Magazine)Holy Hip Hop by Jayne Thurber-Smith (November 2014)
    Third Place: Biographical Feature (Living or Dead)In God's Hands by Diane Stark (October 2014)

    Foi & Vie

    First Place: Magazine Front Cover — Gardien des Valeurs Chrétiennes (Mai 2014)
    Third Place: Photo Essay (Black & White or Colour) — Portraits du Pakistan [English version] (Septembre 2014)

    First Place: General Excellence (Website Design)
    First Place: Best Use of Multi-Media on a Website
    Second Place: Best Blog by Captain Scott Strissel
    Second Place: Publication Website


    On Wednesday, May 6, 2015, Ray Harris said:

    Congratulations Geoff, and editorial team. A great job recognized by others.

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