1. Gifts of goodness: In lieu of a gift for your birthday/wedding/ housewarming celebration, ask friends and family to make a pledge.

  2. Theme dinner: Hold a themed dinner event for 10 of your friends. Donation: $50 a head. Spend no more than $20 per person on the food and you will have $300 for Partners in Mission. Better yet, get the food donated, if possible, and ask for donations at the door.

  3. Shovel-a-thon: Get your kids involved and declare a weekend where they will shovel your neighbour's driveway for $20 (or whatever amount you want to set).

  4. Garden tour: Hold a garden tour in your neighbourhood or local historical home. Make sure to promote your event in the local newspaper and remind participants that the cost of the tour will be tax deductible.

  5. Tribute pledges: Ask people to make a pledge in honour or memory of someone.

  6. Games: Get your kids to obtain donations for having fun—doing cartwheels, skipping around the track, swimming laps in the pool or even yo-yoing.

  7. Sweet treats: Host a cookie exchange at your home or a bake sale at the office. People are happy to make a donation in exchange for a sweet treat.

  8. Midnight madness: Ask a local movie theatre to donate high-demand tickets, like a midnight premier, and then auction them off.

  9. Use your talents: If you are a photographer, makeup artist or hairdresser, offer your services in return for a donation.

  10. Creative friends: Ask a creative friend to donate a piece of art or jewelry that you could use as a drawing prize or auction item.

  11. Rock on: Ask a musical friend to sing or play an instrument at your fundraising event. If you have several friends who are musicians, think about hosting a benefit concert.

  12. Dear neighbour: Write a note about your fundraiser to all of the neighbours on your block or in your apartment building. Make sure to keep them updated on your progress.

  13. Block party: Have your neighbours over for a cookout and ask them to donate at the door. This is a great chance to build community and support a great cause.

  14. Silent auction: Ask local businesses to donate items—a plane ticket or travel package from a travel agency, an aerobics or spin class at your gym, a haircut from a salon, etc.

  15. Voice mail: Change your voice mail message to include your participation in the Salvation Army fundraiser and how people can help.

  16. E-mail signature: After your name and contact information in your e-mail signature, add “Raising funds for The Salvation Army.” You will be surprised by how many people will ask you for more information.

  17. Corporate sponsor: Ask a local company if they would make a large corporate donation.

  18. Corporate matching: Make your company work for you. Ask them to match donations made by employees.

  19. Meet the press: Ask your company to include an article about The Salvation Army and your fundraiser in their corporate newsletter. Have your hometown newspaper run an article spotlighting your fundraiser. Call your favourite radio station and ask them to make an on-air announcement about your fundraiser  and maybe even interview you.

  20. Social media: Share your fundraising effort on social media. Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are great ways to spread your message. And make sure to link back to the Salvation Army website so they can make a donation.

  21. Share your passion: Tell your story. The more you talk about your fundraising efforts, the more people will share in that excitement and want to make a donation.

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