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    Ottawa Photo Exhibit Captures Army Clients

    Twelve portraits share stories of hope, highlight Salvation Army services. February 25, 2016
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    “There is more to us than we can see.” This quote from author and speaker Joe Roberts, commonly known as the Skid Row CEO, was the title of a Salvation Army photo exhibit in Ottawa. The collection of photographs was first shown at the Army's local Hope in The City Breakfast in November 2015 and the Christmas kettle launch at the British High Commission. In February, it was displayed for several days at Ottawa's City Hall.

    The exhibit consists of 12 large portraits of Salvation Army clients, which were taken by four prominent local photographers: Brittany Gawley, Nadine DeLange, Sandy Sharkey and Urszula Kozak.

    Each of the photos is accompanied by a personal hope story written by the clients. The title of the exhibit reflects the possibility and potential in everyone.

    “We are thankful to the photographers who have donated their time and talent in capturing the personality of each of our clients,” says Sean Maddox, area director for public relations and development, Ontario Central-East Division. “The exhibit also brings awareness of the diversity of Salvation Army services and programs and the wide ranges of people it serves throughout different stages of their lives.”

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    Photo: Nadine DeLange

    "One of the things I like most about living at Grace Manor is that I can continue to live in the same neighbourhood I was living in for many years. I used to sit on the board of the Hintonburg Community Association. I still like to go out in the community and enjoy swimming and having dinners at local restaurants with friends.

    I am most proud of the friends I have made here at Grace Manor." (Photo: Nadine DeLange)

    Photo: Urszula Kozak

    "Before coming to the Salvation Army I lived in an apartment by myself. I had to come to the Booth Centre men's shelter for help because I couldn't take care of myself anymore. I have been here at Booth Centre for eight years. I have made a lot of friends and people look out for me. I will be moving soon to a new building where I have my own apartment but have around the clock support from staff for things I need assistance with. I am very happy for all the support I have received while I have been at the shelter.

    I am most proud of the family I have made here at The Salvation Army." (Photo: Urszula Kozak)

    Photo: Sandy Sharkey

    "I used drugs and alcohol recreationally from the age of 17. Ten days prior to my wedding day my fiancé informed me that she no longer wanted to marry me, which began my struggle with addiction.

    The Salvation Army has been instrumental in my six attempts to overcome my addiction. I have been fortunate enough to have attended Salvation Army centres including Hope Acres in Glencairn, Ont., Harbour Light in Kingston, Ont., and I am currently attending Anchorage Addictions program at Booth Centre in Ottawa. All of these facilities are long-term residential treatment programs and it was at Hope Acres where I recently took the Alpha course, which is an introduction to God and Christianity, which began my spiritual journey with Jesus Christ. I now consider myself to be one of the most fortunate and grateful individuals on the planet. If it was not for the generosity, compassion, love and care of The Salvation Army there is a good chance that I would not have found the Lord, which aside from my recovery is the most important thing in my life.

    I am most proud of my ability to continue to overcome my drug addiction through perseverance, strength of character and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ." (Photo: Sandy Sharkey)

    Photo: Brittany Gawley

    "The Bethany Hope Centre's Learning Coach Program was more than a school for me. It was a place of security and comfort, filled with genuine caring people that want to see you succeed. I didn't have much support or anybody to turn to or guide me in the right direction until I started attending Bethany and had support and loving people around me. The Bethany Hope Centre really set the pathway for a bright future for my son and I. The Bethany Hope Centre also gave me the opportunity and support to connect with my son on a deeper level through attachment counselling.

    I am most proud of myself for persevering against all odds." (Photo: Brittany Gawley)


    On Friday, February 26, 2016, Roxanna Vess said:

    I love how viral the salvation army is. But it's not only an organization. It's also a church. I have had so many people ask me where I go to church and when I tell them they respond with, I never knew that was a church. We need to let people know that we are not only an organization, but that we are also followers of God and that they can join if they would like.

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