In February, the territorial candidates' office launched a survey to better understand how Salvationists across the territory perceive Salvation Army officership. Respondents addressed three key themes: What do people understand about officership? What are some misconceptions? How can we improve the way we communicate officership as a viable ministry opportunity?

The survey responses have been passed on to the territorial candidates' recruitment workgroup. “The workgroup will now spend time reviewing the data and use these results to identify trends and generate recruitment strategies for specific demographics,” says Major Shona Pike, territorial secretary for candidates.

“We are grateful to all who took the time to complete the survey,” Major Pike continues, “and we are encouraged to see that almost 60 percent of the respondents are open to considering officership as a way to fulfil God's call on their lives. We look forward to continuing dialogue about the significance of officership in our territory.”

Download the results of the officership survey.

Officer survey infographic


On Sunday, June 5, 2016, Capt Milfred W.A. Harper Black watch rtd said:

I just want to make a comment of officer ship .I do know the young people can go the work after, however
what happens when an older person is called into the ministry. then we have to go to another denomination . I am 72 yrs old and although having served in three different regiments one has to be a guiding hand to all and making decisions to help someone. I do know and believe that JESUS CHRIST is, and has called me into the ministry. HE will point me in the right direction. And may the PEACE OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST continue to guide the Regiment of the Salvation Army and all involved.

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