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    Territory Announces Formation of Canadian Staff Songsters

    Brigade will set the standard for all aspects of Salvation Army vocal ministry. July 18, 2016
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    Canada and Bermuda will soon have a songster brigade at the territorial level. Colonel Mark Tillsley, chief secretary, announced the formation of the Canadian Staff Songsters (CSS) at the welcome celebration of commissioning weekend in June.

    “The Canadian Staff Songsters will endeavour, by its example, to set the standard for all aspects of Salvation Army vocal ministry, including worship, evangelism and integrated mission, in the Canada and Bermuda Territory,” Colonel Tillsley said.

    Under the musical leadership of Major Leonard Ballantine, the CSS will be more than just performers. They will facilitate worship, lead music workshops in divisions, support territorial events and raise awareness of the mission of The Salvation Army through musical outreach. “With an international reputation as a choral conductor, composer and arranger, Major Ballantine is well equipped to lead this new group,” said Colonel Tillsley.

    Lt-Colonel Wendy Waters, assistant territorial secretary for women's ministries, will be the group's executive officer. Supported by the music and gospel arts department, Lt-Colonel Waters will provide spiritual, organizational and administrative leadership to the CSS. It is anticipated that their premiere performance will be in the Christmas season of 2016.

    Salvationists who are interested in auditioning should contact Craig Lewis, territorial secretary for music and gospel arts, at craig_lewis@can.salvationarmy.org.


    On Wednesday, July 27, 2016, Dean Noakes said:

    No one is more gifted and qualified for the leadership of this new group than Major Ballentine. Besides, what else do retired Canadian Salvation Army officers do but...come back to work?

    The mission statement (the second paragraph above I presume) is both lofty and laudable, especially when considering the task of evangelism. My only question to either Len or Craig is: how will you measure the effectiveness of the group with respect to the mission statement and how often will this evaluation occur? If you are successful in fulfilling your stated mission the Kingdom should be advanced accordingly. I wish you richest blessings as you set forth with this new venture.

    On Monday, July 18, 2016, Gerald Lacey said:

    Womderful news!

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