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    Challenge Accepted

    We took the #OneBagChallenge. What about you? September 21, 2016 by Carol Ash
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    Opinion & Critical Thought
    These days, almost everyone is on a social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. It's a great way to stay in touch with family and friends. Many of us have people in our lives who don't share our faith, so it's also a chance to reach out.

    We hear the word “viral” so often. What goes viral on social media? A talking dog, someone's funny misfortune caught on camera, stories of good deeds. I see challenges such as “share why you love your spouse” or “name that song from the 80s,” and let's not forget the wildly popular “ice bucket challenge.” These challenges usually come with instructions to tag friends to get more people involved.

    Recently, I came across the #OneBagChallenge on Salvationist magazine's Facebook page: “Have you taken the #OneBagChallenge? It's sweeping across the country! It's simple: Salvation Army food banks are asking people to donate one bag of food, post a photo on social media and then challenge five friends to do the same within 48 hours. Take the challenge, spread the word and let's help fight hunger this summer.”

    Wow, I thought. I can do this one. I took my younger kids shopping and they helped pick out groceries. We dropped the bag off and took a picture of how proud they were. I posted it on my Facebook page and challenged five friends to do the same.

    I saw a few others take the challenge, but truth be told, I was disheartened by the reaction. I was hoping this act of kindness would go viral among my friends. Don't misunderstand me—I'm not judging anyone. Not everything will become a trend.

    But those of us who use social media have a responsibility to share our lives in such a way that we help make Christ go viral. I can't write that without reflecting on my own habits, and I'm committed to making a change. How? I don't have all the answers, but I know what I'm going to do—I'll still post about my kids or share funny or touching stories, but at least once a day I will share Christ in some way. I'm not perfect or preachy, but I will share my faith honestly.

    Let's all take an active part in making Christ “go viral.” It sure can't hurt us to try.

    Carol Ash is the mom of four adopted children. They attend Oshawa Temple, Ont.

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