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    Setting Up Shop

    In the market for products that bring hope? Women's ministries department launches Others program in Canada and Bermuda. September 23, 2016 by Major Shirley King
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    General William Booth once sent a telegram to officers around the world to remind them of their calling. The telegram contained only one word—OTHERS. That single word captures the heart of The Salvation Army.

    Photo of woman holding bags they producedIt's also the name of the Army's social enterprise, Others—Trade for Hope. Others creates employment opportunities for people connected to Army community development projects and corps. All products are handmade or include elements of craftsmanship, such as embroidery from Pakistan, handwoven scarves from Bangladesh, bead work from Kenya and linen from Moldova.

    Photo of scarvesBut they are more than just products. Behind each item is a unique story of dignity, independence and hope. Every time an Others product is purchased, producers are paid a fair wage. It means children go to school, women learn to read and families have enough to eat. Others is a partnership that changes lives.

    Others is a ministry of hope and transformation. To learn more or to order a program kit to host an event, contact

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    Major Shirley King is the co-ordinator of women's ministries resources and the administrator of the Others program for the Canada and Bermuda Territory. 

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