The Canada and Bermuda Territory's Partners in Mission campaign had another fruitful year in 2016. Thanks to the dedication and fundraising efforts of Salvationists across the territory, the campaign raised $2,056,347, nearly reaching the $2.25-million goal. The amount raised exceeded the 2015 campaign by more than $73,000, and will be topped up to the goal by territorial headquarters.

The money raised will be sent to International Headquarters, which will distribute it to territories in need. These funds ensure that the Army flag keeps flying in all 128 countries where it is active.

“We are grateful for the generosity of Salvationists in our territory,” says Major Brenda Murray, world missions director, “and the practical expression of Christ's love that reaches beyond our borders.”


On Sunday, August 25, 2019, Faith said:

Dear friends Praise him and thank you for the great work done! I would love to know how can low community people manage to benefit from the Salvation Army in terms of 1:Education,Medical support and others Where we live we never seen any ones benefit from the Army thou many volnebilties are going on Thanks for the response I Faith .


On Friday, November 11, 2016, Brad said:

I'm sure we can be thankful for the money raised however, sad that a Salvation Army so large as Canada couldn't obtain or even surpass the goal of 2.25 million. Lets do better in 2017

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