The Canada and Bermuda Territory is mobilizing! In support of the international Salvation Army's The Whole World Mobilising campaign, Commissioner Susan McMillan, territorial commander, is sending the flag to ministry units across the territory.

Today, Commissioner McMillan, along with members of the territory's Cabinet, marched the flag outside territorial headquarters in Toronto, symbolically beginning the flag's journey.

The flag will travel south to Bermuda first, where it will be featured at a divisional rally celebrating 120 years of Salvation Army ministry there. After Bermuda, the flag will travel to the British Columbia Division and work its way through ministry units across Canada, arriving in Newfoundland and Labrador in time for the divisional congress in June.

“As this flag goes out across the Canada and Bermuda Territory, we hope Salvationists will be inspired to share the gospel and participate in front-line service,” says Commissioner McMillan.

The Whole World Mobilising is a campaign that celebrates the global Army, its history of service and its impact in 128 countries. The campaign's website,, features blogs, testimonies, tips on reaching the community, prayers and videos shared from territories around the Army world. A corresponding app is expected to launch later this month to create another venue to encourage Salvationists to read, pray, mobilize and reach out to the community together.

Here is a draft schedule of the flag's journey across the territory:

February 17-March 1: Bermuda Division
March 6-15: British Columbia Division
March 20-29: Alberta Division
April 3-19: Prairie Division/College for Officer Training and Booth University College
April 24-May 3: Ontario Great Lakes Division
May 8-17: Ontario Central-East Division
May 22-31: Quebec Division
June 5-14: Maritime Division
June 19-July 2: Newfoundland and Labrador Division/Commissioning and Congress
July 3-7: Quebec Division


On Monday, March 27, 2017, Capt Milfred W. A. Harper fire chap said:

I am so pleased to know that we now have a new flag in the reg and my prayers go out for the Regimental Leaders of the Salvation Army and all Reg Soldiers must keep the reg in Prayer. With Sword and Shield at the Ready forward into battle we will go and what do you know WE DO WIN.

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