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    Chief of the Staff Attends 35th Anniversary Celebrations at Booth University College

    Special events include building dedication, convocation ceremonies and visit to the College for Officer Training. May 4, 2017 by Major John Murray
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    Territorial News
    The Chief of the Staff (Commissioner Brian Peddle) and Commissioner Rosalie Peddle (World Secretary for Women's Ministries) were special guests at Booth University College's 35th Anniversary Convocation Celebration.

    The visit was very much a "homecoming" celebration for the commissioners, as the Chief is a former chancellor of Booth and Commissioner Rosalie Peddle is a graduate of the institution.

    As part of the 35th anniversary celebrations, the commissioners shared in the naming and dedication of the main campus building on Saturday afternoon in honour of the late Commissioners John and Helen Waldron, who played a critical role in the establishment of Booth. Located at 447 Webb Place in Winnipeg, the building will now be known as the Waldron Building and features a plaque on display in the main entranceway.

    "Commissioners John and Helen Waldron had a vision of something more for The Salvation Army in this country and this territory," said the Chief of the Staff. "They had a desire to invest in the education of our emerging leaders and – through their leadership and faithful service – they accomplished just that through this institution. We thank them for their visionary leadership in establishing and supporting the ongoing development of Booth University College."

    Commissioners Rosalie and Brian Peddle; Commissioner Susan McMillan; Commissioners John and Helen Waldron; Dr. Don Burke; and Dr. Marjory Kerr, with the building dedication plaque Commissioners Rosalie and Brian Peddle; Commissioner Susan McMillan; Lt-Colonels Eugene and Edith Pigford (daughter of Commissioners John and Helen Waldron); Dr. Don Burke; and Dr. Marjory Kerr, with the building dedication plaque

    Throughout the weekend, the Chief and Commissioner Rosalie participated in meetings, celebratory dinners and receptions with the board of trustees, donors, faculty, staff and family and friends of the 2017 graduates.

    Prior to the convocation events of Sunday afternoon, the Chief of the Staff and Commissioner Rosalie, supported by Commissioner Susan McMillan, territorial commander and chancellor of Booth University College, and Colonel Glen Shepherd, Board of Trustees chair, met with the Hon Ian Wishart, minister of education and training in Manitoba.

    The minister thanked The Salvation Army for its extraordinary partnership in providing support and care to refugees who continue to cross the border into Manitoba from the United States. He also brought greetings on behalf of the Government of Manitoba during the convocation service.

    In his convocation address to the graduating class of 2017, the Chief of the Staff said: "There is much to celebrate as Booth University College strategically moves from strength to strength, expands its scope of course delivery, enhances the program profile and creates new partnerships. This progressive stance enables Booth to strengthen communities of faith through its focus on theology, business, social work, chaplaincy and spiritual care."

    In closing, Dr. Marjory Kerr, president of Booth, said, "We celebrate God's faithfulness and provision that are evident through our heritage and are the foundation of our hope for the future."

    Before returning to International Headquarters, the Chief and Commissioner Rosalie spent time with cadets and staff of the territory's college for officer training, where they shared something of their international ministry and experience of the global Salvation Army. Following their presentations, the cadets and staff encircled the commissioners and prayed God's blessing upon them.

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