The Salvation Army in Sierra Leone is better equipped to meet local needs, thanks to a donation from Collingwood Community Church, Ont.

With the corps already supporting local and divisional ministries, Collingwood’s mission board decided to look at international opportunities to further the work of the Army, above and beyond their Partners in Mission giving. As Major Neil Evenden, corps officer, explains, the idea to purchase motorbikes for the Army in Sierra Leone came from Lt-Colonel Sandra Rice, divisional commander, Ontario Central-East Division, who had recently visited the country.

“We wanted our donation to provide a tool—something that would enhance ministry significantly—that they would not normally be able to afford,” Major Evenden says. “When we discussed the motorbikes with Lt-Colonel Rice, we said, ‘That is exactly what we’re looking for.’ ”

After going through the appropriate channels, five motorbikes were delivered to the headquarters of the Liberia Command, which oversees the work of the Army in Sierra Leone, in September. “We were so excited when we saw the pictures of the motorcycles after they were delivered,” Major Evenden says.

The corps is now seeking a new international project to support.

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