(above) Corps officers Lt Alecia Barrow, Cpt Graciela Arkell, Cdt Mirna Dirani and Cdt Tharwat Eskander with the band

In October 2022, Mississauga Community Church, Ont., celebrated its 50th anniversary, bringing together past and present church members for a weekend of celebration. 

The weekend included events such as a 70s-themed throwback party, roller skating, a 50th anniversary concert and ceremony on Saturday, followed by a church service and a community fun fair at Port Credit Memorial Park on Sunday.

Commissioners Floyd and Tracey Tidd, territorial commander and territorial president of women’s ministries, attended the celebration, returning to the city where they began their officership as the first corps officers at Cornerstone Community Church. They delivered a message of goodwill for the 50 years of service provided by Mississauga Community Church. 

Another special guest was Major Woody Hale, who, along with his wife, Major Sharon Hale, were the first corps officers at Mississauga Temple when it opened in 1972. That first corps, on Cawthra Road, was followed by Cornerstone Community Church in 1979, and Erin Mills Corps in 1986. All three corps merged in 2022 and now operate together as Mississauga Community Church.

Captain Jeff Arkell, corps officer (team lead), credits the church members and local residents for 50 years of support: “It comes down to the determination and spirit of the people who have kept the heartbeat of the mission moving forward. It is a dedicated group of people who want to see the community of God grow in Mississauga.”

Members of the congregation come together for a 70s-night celebration
Commissioner Floyd Tidd speaks at the celebratory service


On Sunday, February 26, 2023, Kathie Chiu said:

It is so good to see that the Meadowvale Corps, that we came out of to go into full time ministry, is still there and ministering to the community. I have many great memories from my time at Meadowvale (it was named Cornerstone after we left) and that corps sent several people into the work. It was a Spirit led ministry from the start. God bless the officers who are overseeing the three ministries in Mississauga. May they continue to produce a harvest of people serving the Lord as lay leaders and as officers.

On Saturday, February 11, 2023, Jeff Arkell said:

One correction to the article. Erin Mills Corps was established in 1979 and Cornerstone was started in 1986. Cornerstone was know as Meadowvale Corps at that time. The three locations in Mississauga since May 2022 are known as Mississauga Community Church-Cawthra Road Site, The Collegeway Site and Meadowvale Site.

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